Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday Thinking

Rest, restore, renew. Today I have read three different posts by three different bloggers who have written about resting, restoring, and the need for renewal.

One person with Lyme Disease spoke on the need to rest her way to healing. "Fighting" Lyme disease is a full time job and requires strength people with Lyme seldom have. Maybe we need to let God do the fighting for us and rest in His loving arms which our doctors, practitioners, medications, supplements, etc. do the fighting for us.

Another spoke about feeling fragile and used the analogy of a hummingbird~ sharing that even the busy hummingbird needing time to rest. She felt fragile and in need of restoration. Being aware of and respecting our body's needs is the first step to restoring balance in our lives.

A third blogger shared a post entitled Rest. She spoke of the rest our physical bodies need, along with our minds and souls. It drew my attention as I am needing extra rest right now to give my body the energy it needs to heal, and I have been resisting that. Another "r" word!

Today God is clearly speaking to me about resting. Getting three different posts and devotionals on the subject is a good indication that I need to sit up and listen. Or rather lay down and listen.

Thank you Lord for loving me so much, you desire for me the very best~ and provide for me just the information I need to hear...not once, not twice, but three times. I am heading for my sofa, Lord. Thank you that I have the privilege to do so. I am resting my way to healing.


Joan said...

Renee - I was feeling very tired when I wrote the post on rest. Rest is a good thing - sometimes I don't slow down enough to listen to my own advice.


Renee said...

Hi Joan
Thanks for coming by...