Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday Thinking

We take so much technology for granted in 2010. Blackberries, iPods, cell phones, Facebook, Skype...the list goes on and on. I think about all those people who are lonely and unable to connect with their loved ones and I feel so very blessed that I can. But how do I do that from my living room? Being home most of the time due to Lyme and chemical sensitivities/allergies, my interactions take place a lot on the phone or now Skype. The other day I was able to visit with my sister in South Dakota and "see" her again, and about once a month we are "skyping" with our oldest and her family. We see them only once or twice a year, so this is great. Our neighbors have been able to watch their first grandbaby grow week by week with Skype. What a blessing!

Recently I joined a conference call prayer group consisting of several people with Lyme disease who gather by phone twice a month to pray. I love this opportunity to pray as a group once again.

The online homes of bloggers have given me the blessing of many new friends, a ton of information, and the joy of expanding my world.

Isn't it all just amazing?! Today I am giving thanks for all the technology that has opened my world to online blogger friends, prayer groups, and "seeing" our loved ones with Skype. It is all a good thing!

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning Renee, My husband is in poor health and we spend much of our time at home also. Blogging has certainly been a blessing to me; meeting and visiting with folks/places that otherwise I could not. My brother actually was interviewed using Skype and was offered a job in Calif. from Ga based on that interview. Amazing technology! God bless you this day dear friend.