Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I have been reading a few books lately on the subject of healing. I have this desire to learn more and in greater depth what scripture and other sources tell us about physical and inner healing. So far, what I have read has been exciting and fascinating. While studying this subject, I realized once again how blessed I am to have so many books at my disposal. Have you ever met a bookstore you did not like? I love those gift cards for bookstores also! Libraries are a wonderful place to go ~ and what a privilege to be able to check out books and read them for free!

This brings me to what I am giving thanks for today. The gift of books. On a shelf near where I am sitting right now I have 5 different translations of the Bible at my fingertips. Think of that! And on our bookshelves are some of my favorite "friends" by my favorite authors. I read these over and over again for inspiration and encouragement. When I am needing to escape from my circumstances I can pick up a book and be in Africa, Italy, or Ireland. Whether I am reading scriptures, fiction, inspirational or educational books, or more....there is nothing like holding a book in your hand! One of my favorite motto's is, "So many books to little time!"

So today when I look around our home, I am giving thanks for the precious gift of books, and what they bring into our lives. We are blessed!


Joan said...

Renee - I also love books. I can "escape within the pages." One of my favorite things is to curl up with a good book on a rainy or cold day.

And yes, we are blessed to have so many translations of the Bible. I have about six myself.


Terry said...

I did not join in on Spriritual Sunday, but I do like to go around to each blog reading everyones thoughts and inspirations. I am also following you.

Would love to have you stop by my blog
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