Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Delight In The Day

"Don't take a single day for granted. 
Take delight in each light-filled hour!"
Ecc. 11:8
The Message

Isn't this a great verse to start our day with~ I like to begin my days by saying a favorite verse..."This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.."  This verse in Ecc. that I read recently on a notecard,  goes right along with that. 

So often we get caught up in the busyness of life, no matter our age or abilities.  We often take our tomorrows for granted..or wish for tomorrow, losing what is offered to us today.  Certainly, there is a precious gift offered to us each day~ and as this verse implies, we can really find something to be delighted about every single hour.  We need only look around us to be inspired.

I can see my neighbor out trimming his lilac bushes while his sweet grandson plays at his feet.  I miss my own grandchildren so much, and am delighted to watch this little toddler move about, 

We have a bird feeder and hanging basket of flowers right outside our window to enjoy throughout the day.  So far I have seen finches, sparrows, cardinals, a morning dove and an Oriole eating there.  The squirrels have given us more than a few laughs, too, as they try to eat from the feeder. 

 I can look over and see our 11 yr old miniature schnauzer sleeping on the loveseat.  He brings me companionship every day.

The phone connects me to all those I love and care about around the country! 

 To my left is a pile of books I am reading and re-reading. Do we realize how many people do not own one single book?  I am so thankful to have a friend whom I call my "book fairy" who sends me book cards as special gifts. She has no idea the joy her gifts bring to me. 

 I can watch TV, turn on the radio, or put in a CD all at my fingertips.

Hearing the doctor tell me "everything looks normal" gives me more reason to delight in all the days I have been given.   

 My husband is on disability due to Lyme disease so he is home quite a bit of the time.  I love having him home and even though I do not desire for him to be sick, I truly delight in his company. 

My laptop connects me to the world and my blog to all of you.  I delight in knowing you and writing until my heart is content. 

 I could go on and on and on.....

Yes, each day is a gift from God.  Don't take a single one for granted.  DELIGHT in each light-filled hour!

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Lisa Buffaloe said...

Loved reading your blessings. And I love when we look at the world through a thankful lens how much better the world can be.

Blessings, hugs, and prayers for you!