Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thoughtful And Thankful Thursday

It is a beautiful day here today with Sunshine and a high of 66 forecast. A nice day for Iowa. I am so thankful for the rain we had yesterday as it soaked the neighbor's chemicals he had sprayed on his grass right into the ground making it possible for me to open windows once again after several days of confinement. I am thankful for our new doctor who is using homeopathy to help our immune systems heal. So thankful for little Georgia getting through her first day of hospital testing. ( Prayers for her and photo below).  Giving thanks today that my stomach and small intestine biopsies came back benign...Thank you Jesus.  Giving thanks today for the prayer/fasting time I am having with 39 other people who are living with Lyme Disease. A time to grow closer to God and petition for healing for so many.

Prayer Requests:
~ Three year old Georgia is having an EEG and EKG with two days of testing to figure out why she keeps having heart episodes.  She had open heart surgery a year or more ago too.  Please pray for healing for this sweet child who loves life so very much and for her mom Shannon, dad Doug, and siblings Ravenna and Parker.
~ Continued prayers for John and his health issues and for Mildred his wife.
~ Continued prayers for Dominique who is having severe light sensitivity and increased symptoms due to severe ME/CFS.
~ Prayers for a friend who's cancer has returned
~ Prayers for a friend who is having heart problems
~ Prayers for our grandson Evan's ears to completely heal from years of ear infections
~ Prayers for all those who lost loved ones and/or their homes in the tornadoes across our country
~ Prayers for me as I am having major pain, fatigue, stomach issues, and weakness from Bartonella bacteria die off.
~Prayers for discernment on when to travel to look for a house to buy for retirement
~ Joe needs a kidney transplant
~ Ron has colon cancer stage 4

Lord Jesus, we lift up to you your children, your faithful servants. We ask that you reach out and touch each one of them and bring healing into their lives. You are a God of miracles, a God of healing, our Jehovah Jehri ~ our provider, our Jehovah Rapha~ Lord of healing. We ask that you move mountains on behalf of them and grant them healing, wholeness and peace.

In Jesus name. Amen


Elaine said...

May God be with you and with all you have mentioned today. And with those who go unmentioned, but need our prayers.


Anonymous said...

Hi Renee, Praising the Lord today that your biopsies came back benign. John and I thank you for prayers and we hold up all the others mentioned here to the Lord for healing. God bless you as you begin your search for a new place to call home. Wishing you a good weekend. Love,