Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Delight And Meditate

"But they delight in the law of the Lord
meditating on it day and night."
Psalm 1:2

So often when we think about meditation what comes to mind is someone sitting in a yoga pose, with their eyes closed while chanting.  There is another side to meditation. The Bible speaks of it, but what does this mean for us as Christians?

Dr. Paul King, in his book "God's Healing Arsenal" writes about meditation as being one way to put on the full armor of God, specifically, the sword of the Spirit~ God's Word.  There are two Hebrew words used for meditate in the OT.  One means to murmur, to repeat over and over again.  An example of that would be found in Psalm 136 where the response, "His steadfast love endures forever" is repeated 26 times!  The second form means to muse or reflect upon.  We study a phrase or chapter in the Bible and we spend time reflecting upon it and what it means for us. King says, "we think the thoughts of God" as we reflect on His Word over and over~ again and again.  We saturate ourselves in the Word.

There are so many things we saturate ourselves with on a daily basis.  Words come at us from so many different places ~ the people around us~ those we know and strangers who cross our paths, the Internet, TV, our phones and blackberries, the radio, the books and magazines that we pick up, the news.  The never ending news that share every trauma over and over again.  Saturated.  Since we speak life and death with our words as scripture tells us, it would do us good to limit and refine what we take in from the deliberate about what we meditate on.

Which brings us back to God's Word.  We have the WORD OF GOD available in every translation you can think of.  We have the Word available on our TV, the Internet, on CD, radio, DVD,  Unlike any other time in our existence, the Word of God is at our fingertips for us to study and mediate on, provide the full armor of God, and  transform our lives.  Delight in the Word and meditate on it day and night!


Gayle said...

I love this Renee. I needed to hear this as I have been "pondering" making more of an effort towards memorizing scripture. I like how you spoke of what we are saturated in. Such a good word picture.
Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog about mothering. It was a personal post and I was worried people would think I was just talking about ME ME ME. It was very healing for me to write it. To put the last 10 days down and to step back and see the blessings, the strengths and goodness.

Alisha said...

There is renewal in His Word! Amen. Much love to you Renee, my sister in Christ :)