Saturday, May 19, 2012

Praising the Lord

"Let's just praise the Lord
Praise the Lord
Lets just lift our voice towards Heaven
And praise the Lord"

Are any of you familiar with this song?
Or how about this one?

"Praise and thanksgiving
Father we offer
For all things living
Created good....."

There are so many songs we can sing to lift up praises to God!  "Praise music" is something in our we all hear in our churches.  It makes our spirits soar when we lift our voices in gratitude, and God loves to hear our words of thankfulness when we are worshiping.  To God be the glory!

The definitions of praise are, to express approval or admiration of, to express gratitude towards.  Another way to praise is with our prayers.  Praising God for our many blessings helps us to have the right focus, have a grateful heart, and keep our perspective in balance.

 Recently I heard of another way to praise God~ with our pen.  In other words, praising God with the words we write.  For us bloggers it would be with our keyboard!  It is such a privilege to be able to write about God and what He has done and is doing in our lives and the lives of those we love.  Places like Spiritual Sundays are like nourishment for the soul as we share our stories of God's love and faithfulness.

Praising God with our voices, our bodies, our prayers and our pens~ And all done freely with no worry of persecution.   We are blessed!


Gayle said...

You are so right Renee. This week someone send me a message how she was so down and my site was a healing place. Wow, and praise be to God! Often I find when I write I find a place of healing and understanding. I had never thought of it as worship, but I suppose it is.

Renee said...

I know for myself I often find encouragement at other blogs and in books I read. Definitely builds me up! It is a form of worship. All our words are.

Alisha said...

There is much to praise Him for! He is so good. Thinking of you today Renee and praying for you.