Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mystery And Truth

Do you ever need to just get lost in the world of fiction?  Whether on TV, at the movies, or in the pages of a book, finding ourselves caught up in another world for a moment is sometimes just what is called for.  I picked up a light mystery Saturday and finished it Monday as my body and the antibiotics with the challenging side effects, worked overtime to kill off bacteria.  My faculties were not up to par, I was frustrated and weary of it all, and I needed an escape!  So I read the book "Killer Honeymoon" by G.A. McGevett.  Yep. Catchy title, right? 

Mostly my coffee table and bookcases hold written words that encourage, inspire, and educate me in the world of faith.  Right now on the pile in front of me are books on prophecy, healing, knowing Christ, renewing the mind,  and the Passion Translation of the book of John.  It is rare that I pick up a fiction book, even though I enjoy them when I do.

As long as I can remember I have enjoyed mysteries.  As I child I was a big fan of Trixie Belden.  Anyone  remember her and her mystery solving friends?  I also read a few Nancy Drew books.  I like solving problems. 

Unfortunately, in real life, we are not always able to solve the problems before us so easily.  We don't always find the answers, or solve the mystery, but the Bible holds clues and promises for us.  As we open it's pages, ask Holy Spirit to enlighten us, and study His Word, truths come forth.  God can be trusted, and the ending of the book, the ending of our story is always good when we believe in Jesus.  There is no mystery in that.  There is no fiction, there is truth.  God so loved......Jesus saves. 

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