Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Precious Stories Told

Recently Joel's Aunt Pearl died at the age of 108.  Joel was asked to speak about her at the service, so he called his oldest brother and then a couple cousins to listen to the stories they remembered about her, to which he added his own.  Her story was important to share, and those who gathered wiped tears and chuckled more than once as Joel talked about her life.  Our stories tell who we are and Whose we are.  They are as precious as gold.

This past Sunday Joel and I went down to our grandson Grant's confirmation service.  Before the service we sat and visited with him and his Grandma Ruth. At his dad's request, he read us his statement of faith.  It was thoughtful, honest, and affirming of his faith in Jesus.  He shared part of his story with us and I expect, has no idea the impact it had on us as we listened intently.  Our stories tell of who we are, Whose we are, and who we are becoming.  They matter.

Today we received a lengthy letter in the mail from a woman who was at the seminar on healing and Holy Spirit that we presented a couple of weeks ago in SW Minnesota.  She shared her journey to healing with us and thanked us often for helping her to see "new ideas on healing that were Biblically sound."  She thanked us that she has experienced more healing since we prayed with her and expressed how thankful she is for the process that is taking place.  Enclosed was a gift to help us share this good news with others.  It touched our hearts and inspired us on our journey.  We are humbled, and so grateful to be a part of her story of who she is, and Whose she is.

When Joel and I speak before people we share our stories of healing and our encounters with Holy Spirit.  We let others know who we are and Whose we are and how God continues to shape us.  We love to tell them about the Father's love, the Holy Spirit's power, and the healing touch of Jesus. It also helps us all remember who we are.  Children of the King.  Our testimonies, our stories, they are not only important but necessary. Really, they are all His.  They belong to the One who created us.

We all have a story to tell, a testimony to share, as we walk through this life on the way to eternity.  Stories of love and hate, grief and joy, sickness and health.  A broken world surrounds us, but the love of God envelopes and empowers us.  Our story needs to be told because no matter what it holds,  it ends in victory.  Victory found on the cross.  Our story...........His story. 


NanaNor's said...

Dear Renee, I love this-you are right, we each have a story to tell. I wish you were near me-I'd love to sit and talk with you about so many topics, especially the Spirit's ministry today in our lives. I feel so ignorant/naive about all that He has for us.
Blessings to you both. Hey, if we come down to Mesa next year for a week of warmth, maybe I'll be able to meet you in person and give you big hugs.

Renee said...

I would love to have you stop by Noreen....Wouldn't that be great to all share our journeys and what we have learned. Amazing isn't It, how all roads lead to Jesus.

Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh, how this touched my heart. Yes, we do all have a story to tell, whether we think we do, or not. WOW...108 years old. Now what a legacy that sweet lady left behind. My own Mamaw died just a few months shy of her 100th birthday and the minister who spoke at her graveside service read from Proverbs 31...saying he had never read from that scripture before at that type of service. I felt that spoke volumes about my Mamaw's story! Thanks for making me think, Ms. Renee...you're so precious!

Anita Johnson said...

Dear Renee, that last paragraph had me gasp. Such powerful words to read. It does end in victory! Such stories of praise to tell!

Renee said...

Hugs to you Anita!

Renee said...

Thank you Debbie! Appreciate your words so much and loved hearing about your Mammaw.

Pamela said...

I am thankful to be reminded that my story ends in victory! 108 years is amazing, I love how God takes our lives, shapes and molds them so we can be victorious ever at 108 years old.

Sharon said...

My goodness - 108?!

You know, the whole concept of *story* is very important to God. After all, don't you think the Bible is just one big Love Story by the Author of Love Himself???

God wants to use our stories - the good, bad, and ugly - for His own purposes. We just need to yield them to Him, surrender ourselves in humbleness, and let Him accomplish what He will.