Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Inspired By Words

This past Sunday we celebrated Joel's 35 years of ministry and his farewell from Faith Lutheran.  Our children, a son-in-love and 7 grands came to celebrate along with some family and a couple of friends. I was blessed to be able to talk about Joel and his ministry and also "MC" the event.  Two colleagues of Joel's spoke and also our children.  Such fun!

As we listened to our children share their own perspectives and insights about their dad, we were very touched by what they had to say.  Wow.  It was wonderful.  Once again...there is such power released in our words. 

God speaks to me in images quite often when I pray for others.  I asked Him to do so for Joel and He blessed me with many images of Joel's life and how God was and is in the midst of it all.  He also gave me words to share.  Joel was deeply moved by what God shared and so was I.  Power in His words.

I asked someone a question that same day, and they became upset by a word I used.  They found it judgmental.  It fascinated me because it was not meant that way, but you see....our words are received by others from their perspective.   Words hold power, and that one word used by people every single day to define someone, was offensive to them. 

I just finished reading my friend Linny's book, "Rescuing Ruby".  It is a powerful read....a compelling story.  I used to read some pretty gruesome murder mysteries, but I realized that I was deeply affected by the written words on a page, and not in a positive way.  I am very careful now what I put in my mind and heart.....all that power of the written word,  you know.

We build up or we break down...we encourage or discourage, we bring joy or we bring sorrow ~~all with the words we choose to speak.  I know that is why we keep the cards our children give us....their sincere words empower, encourage, inspire, and bring us joy.  Power in our words.

Sunday was great!  What our kids shared about their dad made the day!!  There were times that people were crying and times people were laughing.  All because of the words being spoken.  Amazing.....words. 

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