Monday, July 27, 2015

Saturday's Scribbles on Monday

Good Monday morning to you!  We are enjoying this day from Minnesota where we are visiting our daughter, SIL, and treasures.  There is something tranquil in this corner of the world where the wind blows on the prairie and the sun rises and sets with clear views to soak in.

Friday night we attended a celebration of 50 years of marriage for our son-in-love's parents.  I was thinking how amazing it was to be celebrating 50 years and it dawned on me we are only 3 years away from that special day!  Wow! It was a nice evening in a beautiful lake setting.

Saturday we spent relaxing and visiting with a couple dear friends from a former parish.  Lots of laughter filled the air with those delightful women.  Our evening was spent in the silence that only the country provides, with a view that boasted of God's handiwork.  Our family was off celebrating with the other side of this dynamic duo and treasures.  It was truly a gift to sit and take in such a tranquil setting.

Sunday we headed  to Joel's home church, where he preached during the morning service and gave a greeting at the afternoon celebration.  He had several people speak to him about coming back home to pastor the church.  They are looking for someone.   Aastad Lutheran is only a quarter mile from Joel's family farm, and as a family they were very involved in not only the worship services, but maintaining the church.  I remember the first time I went there we went up on New Year's Eve and rang the church bell as many times as it was then the new year.  I think it was 1967 and we rang the bell 67 times.  Fond memory.  It is also the place where we will be buried.  The names of 17 other Dahlens can be found on headstones in that small graveyard by the church.  Most of Joel's family and cousins still live in the area.

The celebration was great and it was fun to watch Joel connect with people, including some he had not seen for 25 or more years.  Great to hug on a few we miss but seldom see.  Joel's brother and family still live and work the family farm.  We went back to the lake for another visit with our SIL's family on our way home.

Today we rest.  A visit with our son Matt for his birthday, a walk, lots of talking, hugging on the grands, and some great food and we are good.  Lovin the country life!

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