Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturday's Scribble

Good Saturday morning to you from our corner of the world where I have been waking up to heat and humidity, dew points in high 60's, 70's and last Sunday a dew point of 80. Miserable!  We have been walking early or not walking outside since the air feels so thick.  Reminds me of when we lived in The Philippine Islands.  Always humid...always hot.  85 by early morning and so much moisture in the air, especially during the monsoon season.  We brought over our Fisher Price wood puzzles and every one of them split from the humidity!  We brought one wooden carving back from the P.I. that also split when the weather was not as humid and winter came.  Interesting. 

Sunday was a wonderful day, except for the weather.  The service was great, the kids out did themselves in what they shared about their dad.....and we were so proud.  It was up to them whether they spoke or not, and all chose to do so, doing a super job.  Our son Matt was unable to come until later in the day, so Beth read his "talk" for him.  The "cowboy's dinner" was very very good.  Saying our goodbyes was difficult, we will miss that little church with the big heart!  We had 22 for supper Saturday night and then around that number for Sunday night too.  The girls were a big help along with our son-in-love.  Family brought food to help out and we enjoyed the feast and fellowship.

We had 10 stay overnight here Sunday pm....we gave adults the beds, the futon and sofas to the teens and a couple of others slept on cushions.  All went very well!  They are good grandkids and don't complain.  In fact, I went downstairs Sunday pm and it was sweltering in the family room...come to find out the A/C vent was closed and the dehumidifier had heated it up.  They never said anything, poor kids!  We put the vent on and got out a fan for them so they could sleep.  We love seeing our family and hugging on our grands.  Watching them grow into good, caring, loving Jesus adults in amazing.

This slumber party reminded me of when we first moved to Donnelly MN and hosted Christmas in the big parsonage in that small town.  There were 32 of us and we all slept at the house!!  The nieces and nephews were little then and a sleeping bag on the floor worked well for them. I don't know how we fed them all, but we did.

We drove an hour north to celebrate my brother Dick's birthday Thursday which was nice.  We ate at the Old Mill overlooking the river and falls.  It was pretty.  Friday we purged and sorted more, and then went over to a couple's house for supper.  Very nice meal and great fellowship!  We plan to explore a couple of churches in the area now that we are free to do so again on Sundays and will be going to their church Sunday night.  Should be fun! 

I cannot believe another person has killed soldiers here on our soil.  Really, this is so disturbing.  Terrorists walk among us disguised as Americans and it appears we are helpless to stop it from happening.  So sad, all the hate that comes from those who proclaim to love God.  And I'm not talking about just ISIS here. 

I quickly finished Linny Lee Saunders book, "Rescuing Ruby" this past week and am finishing up the book "Divine Healing by the Praying Medic, who happens to live in the Phoenix area, along with my friend Linny.  We have watched a few teachings, and a little TV.  Mediacom Cable and our local TV station are at odds over money (imagine that) and so we do not have a CBS channel, which has made these NCIS and Blue Blood fans pretty annoyed!  No local news at our disposal either.   

Our oldest grandson went to the ELCA youth Convention in Detroit this past week.   I went to the convention in Detroit with several friends from our church when I was his age......51 years ago!  Life is coming full circle once again!

Until next time.................

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Sharon said...

Catching up with you is always a blessing. Such a celebration of family, and fellowship in the Body of Christ. It's good to have these moments along the way...