Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday's Scribbles

It is Saturday morning in our corner of the world and we are busy getting ready for family to arrive today and tomorrow as we celebrate Joel's farewell/recognition of 35 years of ministry.  Faith Lutheran is having a special service and lunch.  So nice of them! 

We have been cleaning, baking, cooking, mowing, washing, and all those other verbs connected to getting ready for a celebration.  It will be nice to see our family and a few friends as we gather for this special day. 

Wednesday night I lead the women's Bible study at church and Joel went to his last council meeting at Faith.  He is experiencing quite a few "lasts" and it is sobering at times.  Although Joel was given the gift of preaching from God and I expect it will continue in some form or shape until time ends.

We were pretty organized here on the home much so we were  free in the evenings and finished Friday afternoon with preparations.  Just a bit of food to prepare Saturday for Sunday's gathering here at home after the church festivities.  Now if the weather would cooperate.  Storms forecast .....and Sunday a high of 92 and humid.  Not fun.  Thank goodness for A/C!!

My friend Linny's book came out a week or so ago and I have been reading it since it's arrival Tuesday.  I am nearly done and will go back and read it again.  Such a powerful story of how God snatched one precious little girl from death and placed her in a loving family's home.   God is in the details working behind the scenes in all our lives!  "Rescuing Ruby" can be found on Amazon. 

Dwight and Linny with 7 of their 12
Until next time, friends...........

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Sharon said...

This must be such a bittersweet time for you and Joel. I pray that God will make these moments into precious memories to carry forever. And, I just know that God has great plans ahead for both of you.

Ruby's story looks amazing - how I love when Love performs a rescue.