Saturday, July 4, 2015

Saturday's Scribbles

What a beautiful 4th of July we are having.  Warm and sunny with a gentle breeze to keep the bugs at bay.  I am watching my neighbor trim all his bushes and trees.  We like the natural look, but he is in charge of the grounds at our local college, so he knows what he is doing, I'm sure.

Speaking of Independence Day, we have much to be thankful for.  We may have a lot of problems here in the U.S. but we must never take our freedom for granted!  Many have paid a high price for it.

Remember last week I shared a picture of our rust/burgundy lilies?  Well the next morning they were mostly gone thanks to some deer that came through the front yard!  Joel put out Irish Spring shavings and it seems to be working as they have left the rest. 

Last Sunday night we rented and watched American Sniper.  Powerful.  Intense.  Sad.  We do enjoy military movies.  Joel and I spent enough years as an Air Force family that we are quite military minded. After 9-11 Joel looked into going back into the Air Force as a chaplain but he was "too old".  I am thankful for that.  It was a long is a long war. 

For a couple of days this past week our setting sun and our moon were both a dark orange color due to the ash in the air from the fires in Canada.  We are still having sunshine but with a think film of cloud cover making the skies more gray than blue.  Strange.

We have been getting ready for Joel's farewell/recognition/retire-refire party next weekend.  The church is having a special celebration combining the three and then our family and extended family will come to the house for more fellowship and supper. 

Last night we watched the city fireworks from our living room once again.  Nothing landed in our yard this year, but we had to close up from all the smoke.  This was our 10th year to sit in the comfort of our living room and watch through the trees. 

America the Beautiful!

Walking along Lake and carnival

Our first smoothies of the season
Mixed Berry and All-in Suicide Smoothies

Today we drove over to Clear Lake, walking along the lake, through the carnival and arts and craft areas before heading to Cabin Coffee for our first all fruit smoothies of the season.  We actually got one free so that was nice.  Then we headed back to the car....walking our mile for the day.  They will have fireworks tonight over the lake.  Clear Lake's 4th of July celebration is 5 days long this year and is one of the top celebrations for the state of Iowa.  Lots of people......lots!  People stake out their places to watch along the lake shore.....with blankets staked in the ground,  chairs, etc.  We opted to come home and not stay with the crowds.  We saw enough last night.  I expect we will settle in for some porch sitting tonight.  Lovely day for it.

So how has your 4th been? 

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Gayle said...

What a sweet glimpse into your holiday Renee! Ours was just bliss, quieter than usual, but wonderful. We attended a block neighborhood party and met some new neighbors, grilled hamburgers, ate pie, and sat on the deck watching the amazing show in the valley behind the house. It was loud, and amazing. I was concerned over terrorist threats that were intercepted, so I gave thanks when we were protected by God's mighty hand.
Wishing you a week of blessings,