Thursday, July 23, 2015

More, Lord, More!

When we traveled last April to SW Minnesota to give a seminar on healing and Holy Spirit, we prayed for a man who had been diagnosed with Parkinson's five years earlier.  A farmer, who loved to work the land, he was now very limited in what he could do.  Medications were not helping much and they were discouraged.  He came forward with his wife for prayer during the healing service.  As I shared before, Holy Spirit gives me images, and that day I saw an image of the man jumping down from his tractor, laughing, strong and healthy, with the sun shining on his hair.  Then Holy brought to mind that this man had Lyme.  I asked Joel to talk to Holy Spirit about it and he got the same thing,  Lyme.  We prayed for the man and his dear wife, but we also strongly suggested that he go get tested for Lyme! 

They really touched our hearts that day, and we kept thinking about them over the weeks, but had not heard from them until last night. The man had just been diagnosed with 2 strains of Lyme and probably co-infections.  Of course we were sad for them, as after so many years it would be a tough battle.  But the doctor believes  the Lyme is mimicking Parkinson's.  There was hope.  More, Lord, more.

I won't share our conversation here, but will say we encouraged them to hit it hard with antibiotics and healing prayer.  We spent a long time talking and praying with them.  It is easy to become frightened when you read the horror stories of this nasty disease.  We call it a disease of fear.  BUT we cannot focus just on the disease.  We need to focus on Jesus and HIS healing power. 

Maybe your battle is with cancer, with depression or anxiety, loneliness, or a situation that causes fear to rise up inside like bile in your mouth. Try not to focus on it.  We can't run from what we are challenged by, but we don't live there.  No one says it is easy, I attest to that, but what we are called to do is live in truth and that truth is found in the Living Word.   We shared with this couple what we share with others who come to us, what we share with each other, and would share with you.  We suggest to others that they learn what they need to know about what they are facing or living with right now, but we also encourage others to spend MORE time reading about what God says in His Word on healing.  Read all you can on healing, listen to videos, watch conferences.  Soak in God's promises.  Be persistent.  Fight like hell to get well, and when you are weary rest in Jesus arms and let him fight for you.  Get support from others who believe and speak about healing and will encourage you.  Rest in God's arms and rely on His promises.  

We are so happy to hear this couple is now on a journey to healing.  We believe God wants this man well and healthy.  That we could be a small part of their journey is a such great blessing.  It is empowering and makes us even more persistent on our own journey to share about Holy Spirit and healing.  More, Lord, more!


Pamela said...

What an encouraging post to read. God uses you and your husband to bring hope to so many.

Sharon said...

Such an encouraging post, Renee! I don't know, in some ways it felt like blowing a trumpet to rally the troops, to infuse us with new hope and strength! We're in a season of medical stuff, and it can be so discouraging. And, of course, I constantly fight that battle of anxiety - the terror of "what ifs" - that the enemy wages against me.

This is what I'm taking with me today: "Soak in God's promises. Be persistent. Fight...and when you are weary rest in Jesus arms and let him fight for you...Rest in God's arms and rely on His promises."

Sounds like doctor's orders from The Great Physician Himself!!