Monday, November 16, 2015

A Child's Faith and God's Response

When we lived in the Philippine Islands, the heat and humidity made for fertile ground for infections to set in.  Our daughter from the P.I. came to us with staph and it would come out on her body in the form of huge boils that were very contagious.   It was always difficult to watch doctors lance those boils, drain them, and then stuff them with gauze.  I had one and it was so painful I could not stop myself from yelling when they lanced it.  And then our oldest daughter, Beth, who was nearly six at the time, got one in the corner of her eye.  We could not imagine how painful it would be to have the doctors go after that one.

We took her in to the base hospital and turned her over to the doctors while we prayed and paced the floor in the waiting room.  We expected her to be hurting, but when she came out she was calm and collected.  We headed for home and finally my curiosity got the best of me and I asked her if it was really painful when they lanced the boil.  Her reply?  "Oh, no.  It did not hurt at all.  I just asked Jesus to keep it from hurting and He did."

A child's faith.....and God's response.

Another time we were heading to the base from Angeles City where we lived.  On the way there our car died.  It was just our oldest daughter and myself and getting stalled off the base was not the safest place to be.  At that time we did not have cell phones, so we were on our own....with a long walk to the base or a long walk home, not being guaranteed our car would still be there when we returned!  I tried to start the car.  Nothing.  Again....and nothing.  Nor on the third try.  Then on the fourth try it started up and purred like a kitten.  I was surprised, but Bethany was not.  Her statement to mommy?  "I knew the car would start Mom, because I prayed about it.

A child's faith.......and God's response.

Beth was only four when she came home from Sunday School and told us that she knew she would go to Heaven when she died.  I asked her why she believed that and she said, "Because I asked Jesus into my heart today!"

A child's faith.......and God's response.

These memories remind me of a story I read that was shared  by Joyce Meyers.  She was talking about prayer and that we do not have to pray long prayers to receive from God.  She shared an example of a mom who was having a lot of stomach pain and was laying on the sofa.  Her little boy knew she was hurting and he came over to her, put his hand on her tummy and said, "Mommy.....Owie.......Jesus."   And her pain left.

A child's faith..........and God's response.

Lord, let us have the faith of a child.  Trusting, expecting, and believing for Your response.

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