Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday to you from our corner of the world, where we have seen snow, rain, and winds the past week.  We were forecast to have freezing rain and an ice mix on Thanksgiving Day, but it missed our area.  Yay!  Better news is that the 9.5 inches of snow we got is gone due to warmer temperatures and rain.

We have walked outside a few times this past week, but I have not put my walking shoes on very often due to the holiday, weather, and a couple days where I felt pretty crummy from the radiation treatments.  I'm dealing with some soreness, sunburn, and peeling today, so each day is different.  I'm happy to report that I have had 17 treatments and have 14 left.  I'm ready for it to end so I can start giving my skin and body a rest.

Last Sunday afternoon we helped decorate the church.  It put us in the mood for Christmas!  We went to church Wednesday night with friends and then over to their house for pie and fellowship. Thursday we had plans to go to my sister and brother-in- laws for and early supper, but their grandson got sick so they postponed their meal.  We had a turkey in the oven for our noon meal and our favorite ~leftovers,  so they joined us, bringing several side dishes.  Plan B!

Friday we purchased a real tree and today we set it up in the living room after re-arranging everything to make room for it.  That is more work than putting the tree up! It was hard to find a decent one that was not $75-100.00, but we did end up with a nice one for $30.  We will decorate it tomorrow.  Plans are to get an artificial one after the holidays when they are on clearance. Friends stopped by today with an artificial tree we are "borrowing" for the family room.   I'm in the midst of decorating the house.  Fun times!!  I've started shopping, the photo cards have arrived, and the annual newsletter is nearly finished.

The sun is shining today.  We looooooove sunshine, it seems to brighten our spirits and give us energy.  That is one of the reasons Arizona calls to us.  Sunshine!!!  Good ol Vitamin D.

This week I won a book from blogger friend Lisa Buffaloe.  She is an author herself, but was giving away the Beth Moore book, "Audacious".  It already arrived along with two other books I ordered from Amazon for myself, so I have plenty of new reading material.  What are you reading?

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Gayle said...

Oh, the snow sounds beautiful!I've been decorating myself as well, and I have to tell you, I downloaded a sample of the same book! The reviews are very good. I'm reading Christmas in Cornwall by Marcia Willett. She is my new favorite novelist. All her books are set in Europe, wiand family and relationships are the theme's. I love her writing style! I just finished The Power of I Am by Joel Olsteen. I know some are critical of him, but I find him very motivating. It was motivating for me in loosing weight. I also just finished Every Body Matters on physical fitness and discipline through eating for Christians. It was also very motivating. He goes back to scripture and does different teachings. You are almost half way through, that is great news! My friend who had a diagnosis similar to yours on the same day has been doing chemo. She is struggling much, her immune system is wiped out and now she has bronchitis. They are wanting to hospitalize her but she isn't willing. My computer was down, so I am going to go see what I missed in your blog.

Sharon said...

A few years ago, after the summer of getting evacuated from our home due to a wildfire that came-way-too-close, we bought a nice artificial tree. I have to admit, at first I was afraid that I'd miss the traditional tree. But, it's quite lifelike, and I do like leaving it up longer without having to worry about it being dry and hazardous!

I am reading the second book in a serious of mysteries with a new main character that I just love. Her name is Flavia, and she is a very precocious 11-year-old. For instance, she has her own chemistry laboratory!! I find the mysteries intriguing, her character beguiling, and the fast-paced and clever dialogue most amusing!