Monday, November 2, 2015

Warm Breezes, Sparkling Water, Fresh Air, and The Call

So, we are just getting out of the car to go into a store in our favorite nearby lake town when the phone rings.  And the call comes.  The call I've been waiting for with both urgency and apprehension. The call telling me the plan is in place and radiation will be starting this Wednesday afternoon.  So it begins, the next leg of my journey.  In "the two shall become one" marriage we have it is really our journey together.

We continue window shopping and visit a few specialty shops on the Main Street of this small tourist area where city-weary people spend their vacation days and weekends in the summer.  It is pretty quiet now with only a few "locals" shopping.  Afterwards we drive two blocks down to the lake and take in the unusually warm breezes, sparkling water,  and fresh air.

Heading home we eat a late lunch, take a nap, and began to clean this over-sized house for two that we live in.  It is November 2nd and our doors and windows are open letting in the fresh Fall air. Loving this added bonus time before winter comes calling, and so grateful for our home.

Later I take out the radiation instructions sheet and thick booklet on what to expect.  Joel gets to read the booklet filled with not only facts, but possibilities and maybes, while in true fashion I avoid the warnings so as not to set off my worry trigger.  It is a dance we engage in when I need to take medication, too. I tell Joel how I feel if something comes up and he keeps track of whether it is a result of med or not.  It works well.  While reading the instructions I am again surprised by all the "rules" for phase II of the journey, too. Mostly for the skin.

1.  No deodorant under the right arm
2.  No perfumed or harsh soaps
3.  Use the special cream given to you 3 times a day to help protect the skin ~ armpit, breast, and the          shoulder area on the right side.
4.  Go without a bra as much as possible and wear a cotton one if possible *the Dr will actually check        to see what you are wearing and if he approves of it.
5.  Wear comfy soft cotton clothing as much as possible.  Nothing restricting.
6.   Keep soft cotton between breast and body skin to prevent chaffing
7.  Let air be on the area as much as possible
There is more but you get the idea...........

I had turned the starting time over to God after the technician told me last Thursday that I would probably not start until November 9th.  That meant I would not finish until Christmas week.  I figured God was in charge and would work things out according to His schedule so I turned it over to Him. He is good that way.

He is also good at getting His point across to us.  On Sunday after church I was talking to one of the pastor's wives who is also into Andrew Wommack ministries and has taken classes online from their school. She was talking about a book she was reading and asked me if I had read anything about John G. Lake, a powerful pastor, missionary, and evangelist and one who prayed for healing for others with amazing results.   I told her no, but that the book for sale upstairs looked interesting.  She immediately said she was going to give me the book --the same one she and her husband were reading, and ran upstairs to the bookstore table and brought one down.  I had to chuckle realizing that God had been drawing my attention to this particular book for the past two weeks, but I kept thinking of excuses not to buy it.  Now it was given to me as a gift, and with a great endorsement.  Kinda think God was letting me know I need to read it.  I went home and opened to the first pages of the 550 page book to begin a new adventure in faithful living.  When God is that persistent I need to pay attention.

Living life in the moment and following God's guidance, we are grateful for each sunrise.  We did not expect to be preparing for another winter here, but we are.  While going for our daily walk we stopped to visit with our great neighbors.  We learned  that the woman who used to clean our home died of kidney cancer last week.  We had not heard.  We had one more reason to lift our voices in praise today and trust that God is in this.  I am putting the next 6 weeks of radiation in His capable hands (remember, He promised to be my wrap-around shield) and I am praising him for being in every detail.  If He delights in insisting I read a book He has brought to my attention, I can rest in knowing He is in the midst of treatment.  Not only does the doctor have a plan.......but so does God.

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