Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday's Scribbles

It is another Saturday in Iowa.  It has been cold,  we have been covering the plants because of frost.....we even  had snow flurries forecast one night, but it did not happen.  Yay.  It is warming up again next week.  The mid 60's forecast for the first week of November?  Another yay!  The leaves have mostly left the trees and are now blanketing the ground. Joel has picked them  up a couple of times and has a couple more days of work left.  We have lots of trees in our small yard.

We've been walking most days, but the winds have been so high.  We did walk once in the mall. We truly thought by this time we would be in Arizona enjoying the warmer weather. not bundling up and walking in the cold.  Yesterday we went shopping and Joel bought a nice warm hooded wool and cloth vest and I bought a sweatshirt/jacket.  Yeah, we need more winter clothes for what is ahead. Joel actually went to the used clothing shop to see if his winter coat for snow blowing was still there.  It was not!

Last Saturday night my sister and BIL came over for a long overdue visit.  Sunday was church, Monday was another visit to the surgeon.  I go back again in 3 months.  Tuesday Joel went to lunch with the lead pastor at church.  They talked non stop for 2 hours.  Wednesday was the healing teaching at night and Thursday morning I joined the women's Bible study group at church.  They are studying Prayer.  I like that!  After seeing the movie "War Room" I am inspired to go deeper into prayer.  Friday we went to Farmer's Market and picked up some squash.  Last gathering at the market for this year.  We are heading out to lunch today with friends from Faith Lutheran in Miller. Tomorrow is church and then dinner with the pastors.  They do this monthly for people who have not been going very long to the church.

I do not watch the political "debates" but I have heard that the media channel that televises them had ridiculous questions for all the candidates on both sides.  Sadly, there are two divided sides and each points the finger at the other trying to prove how awful each is.  I often wonder what God thinks of all of it. We have been reading Joshua and it is interesting to me how you were known by the city you lived in.  We are thought of as Iowans, but not known by the town we live in.  Yet in the OT
people from Gideon were known as Gideonites, had their own king and their own army.  Interesting. And while I am on Joshua, I have to say that both Joel and I find the OT so violent.  I don't like to think of God in that way.  Praise God for the new covenant.

No radiation schedule in place yet. The doctor is on vacation until Monday and then he will finish my "plan" and get it set up. I really wanted to be done two weeks before Christmas when the family comes, but I have turned it over to God. (more than once)  It is not in my control.....sigh....

Our new chairs, a stack of books and our "new" table 
purchased at an antique fair in August

Joel and I have been reading, doing devotions, and watching TV from our new recliners.  All our chairs had spring or seat problems so we purchased new ones after only a couple of glitches while trying to find a chair that would fit my short legs!  Not too hard, not too soft, not too big, not too small....all that jazz.  I am not crazy about the color of the material on my chair, but it blends with our living room stuff.

I love going to your blogs and seeing photos of Fall in your corner of the world w e live in.  God has created a beautiful world of which we get to be a part.  Take a deep breath and enjoy it.

Happy Halloween!

Until next time...........

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