Saturday, October 10, 2015

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday to you from a beautiful Fall day here in our corner of Iowa.  Tomorrow it will be 83 degrees here....record breaking for October 11th.  The leaves are starting to carpet the ground and show off their colors.  Rusts, browns, golds, oranges and deep reds.  God was showing off when He made fall, and I am so glad He did.  It is my favorite time of year.
Fall in our corner of the world

Love the Midwest in the Fall

Joel and our neighbor will be cutting down our apple tree today.  Sadly, we have not been able to save it so they will cut it down.  It grieves me, as a tree is living and beautiful, but now it could become a problem if it fell in a storm, so we will remove it.

I have not been able to walk much the past week.  A virus and a bad back held me back.  Thursday I did walk around our cul-de-sac and Friday I was able to walk down by the river.  So great to put on the hot pink tennies and be out in the fresh air again.

Our week for me was quiet, but we did have friends over Tuesday for supper and a visit and Wednesday night we went to the church to sit under another teaching on healing.  We will head to church tomorrow.  Joel filled in at a Lutheran church here in town last week but I was bonding with the sofa.

I have been watching the Open Heavens conference at Bethel this week.  I always learn something new at these conferences and God stretches me in my thinking and beliefs.  That is what I love about new books, new teachings, etc.  We are never too old to learn!!

Now that we are two weeks past the surgery, we took a moment in time to discuss when or if we would still move.  There are reasons to stay and there are reasons to leave,  but with radiation ahead, we know that I have another 6 week journey with the unknown.  We are praying and standing firm on there being no side effects, but we still know we will be spending most of another winter here.  And I say that because we are reevaluating our future and what it holds.  Hopefully we will spend some time in AZ this winter.  I would love to spend 4 months there but it is costly to rent.  Maybe we need to look beyond a house to an apt or even a park model.  Not our cup of tea, but we need to be open to what we can afford.  We have two couples we know who live in park models, one part time and one full time and they love it.

We are still trying to find things that we packed.  Like all our grandkids school pictures we had on the fridge.  Gone.  The class notebooks on the online classes we took with Charis.  Somewhere out there.......And our Fall decorations too.  Sigh......

We have been watching the new seasons of our favorite TV shows and I have been finishing up Johns Sherrill's book "They Speak In Other Tongues" written many years ago.  It is excellent.  I have also been reading Ken Copeland's book, "Healing Scriptures".  We have been reading aloud the book by Dr. David Stine, "Contact:  The Practical Science of Hearing From God".  Stine is lead pastor of Metro DC church.  Joel likes it a lot....and that would be because his mind is more scientific.  I am struggling along and having Joel decipher it for me as we read it.  Ha...

Until next time..............

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NanaNor's said...

Dear Renee, I love seeing your colorful trees; we miss some of our reds(from Ca), but love the Aspens. A friend from blog land is at Open Heavens conference too-it impacts her each year she is there. God moves mightily through Bethel. Continuing to uphold you dear one. I'm not sure what a park model is? Blessings to you and Joel!