Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturday's Scribbles

It is a beautiful fall day here in our corner of the world.  Oh how I love Fall....all the colors, smells, and sounds.  I have been able to walk farther and farther each day, but overdid it on Thursday when I walked a mile! Yesterday I walked less and today I am taking a break.  Still it is so wonderful to be outside in the fall.

Speaking of outside, Joel is off to his one day a year at Rendezvous Days in MN.  It takes place only an hour from us so it is easy for him to go just for the day.  He loves going back in time, experiencing the music, food, events, etc. of the past.  It is crisp and cold this morning but by noon it will be warm. He has gone for the past 15 or more years with an exception or two.

I am enjoying a reprieve from doctors for the next 12 days.  Thursday was the final report from the surgeon and officially it was a Stage 1, Grade 2 tumor. Very very small.  The tissue surrounding it was all clear of cancer cells and so were the 6 smaller lymph nodes removed.  (6 filled up a space of where 2 should have been so they took all 6 to be tested.)  On the 15th I see the medical oncologist and on the 21st the surgeon again and then the radiology oncologist.  Radiation starts probably the first week of November and will be 5 days a week for 6 weeks.  No chemo.

Last Wednesday night we went to the church to listen to a teaching on healing.  It was powerful.  To my surprise the pastor asked me to give my testimony on my healing from breast cancer.....and I also shared a bit of our healing through prayer from Lyme and more.  Later he asked me to come up and pray over a young woman.  It was so great to do both, but I admit it tired me out!

The suffering families are going through from this latest mass shooting is almost palpable.  When one suffers we all suffer.  I am disgusted with the political agenda on BOTH sides.  I am appalled by the lack of help for those with mental illness.  I am confused by the levels of violence in our country on TV, in movies, in games kids play, in our communities.

For some reason, this event made me think of what we went through as a family in the early 80's when a parish member of our church threatened Joel's life.  He shot up his brother-in-law's house and then told his wife he was coming for Joel, his pastor.  The police called us late one night and told us a man was coming to try to kill Joel and that they were on the way to help.  We woke all our children and gathered them into one bedroom where we had them lay on the floor.  Joel sat out in the living room with a loaded rifle because, yes, he would have defended the family if necessary.  The police arrived, guns drawn, filling our house with their presence.  One helped our oldest daughter get clothes for everyone,  Once 4 squad cars were in place, they escorted us into our vehicle, had the kids lay down on the floor and escorted us out of town towards the Twin Cities just 50 miles away.  It was terrifying and it affected the lives of our children and us greatly.

For 6 years we lived with the knowledge that this man was still talking about killing Joel.  He used to idle his car out on the road away from our home watching us.  He would call and not talk, or call and threaten us.  There was a restraining order against him but little else to do.  We had plain-clothed policemen in our congregation off and on to protect Joel and the church.  And yet, there was nothing more that anyone could do UNTIL he would actually attempt to kill Joel.  This was the law.  I think when we left there and moved across the state, we all breathed a sigh of relief.  Phone calls continued for a year or two, but eventually he moved on and so did we.  Once we made the decision as a family to stay,  for the next 6 years it was a season of trusting God for protection.

 It is frustrating to me that the rights the nation demands, also protect those who threaten harm or actually beat someone up, etc.  The police have their hands tied often when it comes to preventive measures because it may infringe on the rights of some.  I understand, but having lived with 6 years of a violent man's rights being more important than a victim's rights?  I believe that the victim's rights should outweigh the rights of those who cause harm.  Something is broken in our system on so many levels.  Something is broken in us as a people.  Okay, time to move on...........

Joel and I celebrated the good news this week with a Cabin Coffee cinnamon roll :).  Next Tuesday friends are coming over to have a "count it all joy" party with us.  I had decided that no matter what the medical report,  we were going to have a count it all joy party, because I believe God wants us well all the time.  But the cancer is gone and we are going to celebrate.........and celebrate.........and celebrate.

Joel brought home these beautiful flowers for me
the day before surgery.

Love the fall colors and they are still
fresh to look at!

I have 6 exercises I do twice a day for my arm to avoid getting lymphedema, PLUS I need to lay for
45 minutes 3x a day with my shoulder higher than my heart and my elbow higher than my shoulder and my wrist higher than my elbow for the same reason.  I read, watch TV, or nap during these times. I have been told not to carry my purse on my right shoulder, sleep on my right side (for 4 weeks) I cannot let my blood pressure ever be taken on my right arm, or have blood drawn from that arm either.  Interesting, don't you think?

I have been re-reading a favorite book, "They Speak In Other Tongues" by Guideposts writer John Sherrill.  I have also been catching up on teachings online and listening to praise music.  The new fall schedule has started which means we are watching a bit more TV when home at night.

Until next time...............

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