Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday to you from Iowa where the leaves are turning color and the animals are getting ready for what they know is coming.  Winter.  We had our first solid frost last night, with a low of 25 degrees.  Joel covered the flowers and potted mums so we can still enjoy them a bit longer.  We tucked our porch pumpkins away, too, just in case.

I am still not able to walk every day, but when we get out, it is wonderful!  Earlier this week we saw a woman walking with her kids and two dogs.  We stopped and visited about her miniature schnauzer since we have had two over the years.  She ended up telling us it was her mother-in-law's dog and she could no longer take care of it............and would we be interested in taking it?!?!  Well, of course I told her where we lived~~how often does someone ask you this kind of question.  Joel was not  eager to agree, though.  I think his protests won out as she has not contacted us!  Lately I have been missing those furry companions.  And yet if we travel, then what?

Last Sunday we came home after church to a nice surprise.  Our oldest son and a fellow officer were on their way to a "pick-up" in northern Iowa and were able to stop by for a quick visit.  It was so nice to hug our "boy" who now has teenagers of his own.

Speaking of officers, Iowa (and other states) has a Project Blue Light going on to support our police officers.  I read about it on Facebook, and Menard's here in town was carrying the blue light bulbs so Joel purchased a 4 pack.  Two of our neighbors and us have blue lights on now at night to support our men in blue who guard our city.  Of course ours is also in honor of our son and his friends who protect and serve.

Sunday afternoon we headed to Praise's church Fall Festival where there was a potluck and hayrides, games, and plenty of visiting at the country home of one of the members.  It was nice to get to know some people better.  Lovely setting right on the river.

Tuesday we headed to Rochester MN and planned to enjoy the fall foliage on the way as we took the backroads.  We actually saw just as much of Fall's beauty here in our association as we saw on the way there.  We did stop at one of Joel's favorite places to ride bike, where there are miles of wooded trails, so we walked the trail a bit before heading back to the car and driving north.  We went because it was a nice getaway, but mostly because our food exchange where we order organic in bulk, closed after 20 years.  We visited three natural food and organic stores including Trader Joel's and then ate lunch at Applebees.  Someone had given us a gift card...... I wrote about Joel's encounter with a cinnamon cloud and you can read about that Here.  I was pretty wiped by the time we got home, and even during the day, but the cancer advocate told me this is normal.  My body is using a lot of energy to heal itself!

On the trail

Wednesday we headed to church to hear another teaching on healing and had a short visit with a long time friend who goes on Wednesdays.  Like I said before, we are hearing mostly what we already know or even have taught before, but it is nice to have a fresh perspective from someone who has been walking in these beliefs a lot longer than us!

Thursday was a day of doctor appointments and more surprises.  I wrote about it on Friday.  I ended up having another procedure to drain fluid from the breast cavity where the tumor was removed.  The doctor took out nearly 90 cc's of fluid!  Then we went after lunch to the medical oncologist for yet another exam and discussion on the plan for after radiation.  Sobering, the meds she wants me to take and the possible side effects........but we have a couple of months to digest and decide all that.  Friday I was pretty tired and did less as my body recovered from another invasive procedure.

Friday was a day of phone calls.......with Joel's cousin L., with my sweet friend Katherine (long over due) and with our son Matt.  My brother Dick also called while on vacation out in Washington state. It has been great fun to see their photos of the trip on Facebook.  I was born in Washington state and in the mid 80's we went out there as a family.  The kids call it "The Trip".  We went with 6 kids, a dog, a tent camper, a pop-up tent and our 9 passenger station wagon.  We traveled for a month through the upper states out to Washington and Oregon and then back.  We saw many friends and several places in Washington where I was as a child and my family lived at times.  We also spent a fun time with Joel's Aunt Ruth.  Our kids all adored her!  The reason they call it "the trip" is because we seldom got to go on any vacations and if we did we were often called back for a church emergency. THIS was the best and longest vacation trip they had............thus, its name!

This morning Joel and I listened to a powerful teaching at Bethel by a missionary in South Africa named Floyd McClung.  He is our age and has been in mission work since he was in his early twenties.  We connected on so many levels..........ages, desires, love for Jesus, wives battling cancer, and adventures over the years.  His talk really touched us.  I have never heard of this man, yet he has traveled to 175 countries, worked in missions in Afghanistan, Amsterdam, America, and Africa, written several books and had this deep love for bringing the Gospel to people.  He is 70 and says he wants to continue doing mission work for God.  It is his passion and what better way to live out your life.  They have been helping to establish churches now in Capetown for the past 11 years.  All of this stirred up our hearts of course, but what struck us both was certain questions he asked like, "Should we be asking God if we are to "go" when the Bible tells us all to go out and make disciples..?"  Should we ask more, "Is our calling to stay?"  There were more tidbits that have us turning to God with questions of our own.

I have not done much reading except for Lisa Buffaloe's latest book, but mostly watching, teachings and resting has been on the agenda.  What is going on in your corner of the world?

Until next time...............


NanaNor's said...

Renee, You've certainly had a busy week and I understand the fatigue. Loved the photos-what a wonderful area you live in. Now, I'll have to read Friday's post-since I missed it.

Anita Johnson said...

I'm catching up tonight....we are getting more and more settled everyday. I'm sorry to hear you had another procedure, but I would hope you are more comfortable now. Medications and their side effects can be overwhelming. I will pray for clarity for you and your doctors. And don't get me started about dogs. I love mine, and when he is gone I have promised myself not to get another one for exactly the reasons you stated. But there is a schnauzer breeder in town. It is one of my moms favorite dogs.

Sharon said...

Renee, it did my heart good to see your smiling face on that path! You're such a *soldier* and I am greatly encouraged as you share your journey to healing.

Last week my hubby and I were camping in Joshua Tree National Park. What an adventure! Once again I was reminded of the tremendous power of God. And yet, He is a God who stoops low to be close to each one of us. Amazing!


Renee said...

Hi Noreen
Thanks for stopping by!

Renee said...

Thanks for your many prayers, Anita. Oh, we love Schnauzers!

Renee said...

Hi Sharon
How great you were able to camp in such a beautiful place. Thanks for your continued encouragement.