Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Cinnamon Cloud

Joel and I drove to Rochester Minnesota (home of Mayo Clinic) from our corner of the world, taking the backroads in the hope of seeing some fall foliage.  We discovered we have more trees in our small association that are showing off their colors than most of those we saw during the 4 hours of driving we did.

While in the "big city" we headed to an organic food co-op where we could buy some things in bulk. Joel decided to bag some cinnamon, but could not figure out how to get it out of the container into the plastic bag.  He dumped it from what he thought was the spout and it was the flip down lever instead so...........the cinnamon came out into the bag, but also went up in the air in a big cloud raining cinnamon down on the counter and container.  giggle.....the clerk who helped us out said nothing, but his grimace said it all.  On our way home later Joel stopped for coffee.  As he got out of the car he looked down at his boot and noticed something was all over his boot changing the color.  Yep, you guessed it, cinnamon!  We laughed and laughed over the cinnamon cloud that just kept on giving!  Ha...

Speaking of boots, we talked on the way home about how Joel's cowboy hat and boots attracted a bit of attention in the "big city".  Joel said to me on our way in to Trader Joe's, "People keep saying hi to me...what is that about."  I replied, "It's your hat."  True, Joel said, people look at the hat and then end up making eye contact with me so feel the need to say hi.   I laughed and replied, "Remember the kid we saw in the store with the funky 8 inch high funky hat on, the Nepal looking boots, and the feathers hanging around his neck?"   You got more attention than him without trying....."  giggle... Not really, but it had us smiling.

When we went to the organic food grocery store in downtown Rochester we parked in a place with meters, but you had to walk half way down the block to put the money in.  After a few minutes Joel figured it out and the machine pumped out a receipt giving us 20 minutes of shopping time in the store.  Twenty minutes later when we left we noticed there was a free parking lot on the other side of the building. These two "country bumpkins" had a good laugh at our new adventures in the big city of Rochester. We do get out of Iowa........really we do!

And I think the cinnamon story will be told more than a few times here!  The visual of the cinnamon cloud still has me smiling.

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