Sunday, May 15, 2016

Come, Holy, Come!

It is Pentecost Sunday........a time to remember just what happened when Holy Spirit came down with tongues of fire on all the people gathered.  We read about it in the book of Acts.  In some churches people wear the color red to church, and often services focus on Holy Spirit.

Until four years ago I did not fully understand Holy and His importance in my life.  Now I cannot imagine going through a day without chatting with Him, calling upon Him, opening myself up to be filled and empowered by Him.  He is part of the Trinity, He is not an "it", He is our Comforter, the One who fills us with power.....the same power that raised Jesus from the dead.  Yeah, that power.

Recently we heard a great definition of being "baptized in the Holy Spirit".  As Christians we know that when we are baptized as children, Holy Spirit comes into us.  When we are baptized in the Holy Spirit, Holy is able to move through us and in others.  It is just a time of asking for Holy to empower us.  Often, but not always, the gift of a prayer language comes with this prayer.

Joel was given the gift of a prayer language when he was healed.  Several colleagues he knows had the same type of experience.  They did not ask for it, but it came to them during a time of prayer or of healing. Some people think it is not of God, this gift.  Fear and caution gets in the way of a different and deeper kind of relationship.  Not better, not more important, but just "something more" that is available to everyone.

Holy Spirit often manifests Himself with laughter, tears, a physical heaviness, or even falling in the Spirit. This has happened to both Joel and me.  Often there comes with this presence a sense of being loved and cared for.  A sense of deep peace.  Sometimes new insights from God.

We use the speaking in tongues to build up ourselves as the Bible states and we use it when we do not know how to pray for someone.  I sometimes sing in the Spirit.  There is an amazing amount of controversy that comes with this gift.  I am not sure why, but it can send people to question if it is real or not.  Only you and God can decide if what His Word speaks is truth and is for you.

We are grateful for God shaking up our world so dramatically just over 4 years ago. Grateful for all the gifts of the Spirit.  Grateful for His Word.  Grateful for Pentecost! Not just to celebrate one Sunday a year, but every day.  Come, Holy Spirit, Come.

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Sharon said...

Sometimes I forget that the very same power that raised Jesus from the dead resides in me! Thanks for the reminder!!