Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Finding Gold in the Dirt

I was listening to Kris Vallotton speak recently and he made a statement that resonated with me. 

"We need to find the gold in the dirt of each others lives. "  

The next day I listened to Eric Johnson speak about his grandpa and the church he served in Redding CA.  The same church where Eric is now pastor, and yet a different church than when his grandfather first began serving Bethel.  There are 5 generations of pastors in this family.  A great legacy!

During the time of the hippies in the 60's and 70's Eric's grandfather opened the church to those who were not as clean or "holy" looking as the church members.  Many in the congregation rebelled and gave him an ultimatum.  His life was actually threatened over this.  He held his ground~~ The church is for all.  Eternal life is for all.  So, as a result many members left the church.  Eric's grandfather did not separate people into "us" and "them" categories, but saw everyone as a "we".  He saw the gold in the dirt of all peoples lives.  Here is the gospel lived out! "Come! Be a part of our family and worship Jesus with us!"

Why is it so easy to see the dirt in someone's life or even in our own? Could it be as easy to see the gold?  In the lives of others.....in ourselves?  There is gold in everyone's life.  God sees it, and because of Jesus we have opportunities to do so, too.

Finding the gold in God's treasures......and we are all His treasures.  

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