Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday morning to you from rainy Iowa.  Rain has been coming down on a daily basis and is forecast for the next few days to come......certainly not the flooding we see in Texas, but definitely lots of rain.  And humidity.  yuk

It is the annual band festival weekend here, when families gather to remember memorial day, and celebrate with a festival to honor Meredith Wilson and his musical "Music Man".  He was born here and people feel his musical was based on his life.  There is always a great parade, lots of bands, a carnival and food booths. Music Man Square is open to the public and is a nice little place to visit.  I expect the rain will put a damper on much of the festivities this year.

Last Sunday Joel preached 1 hr and 20 minutes away from here in northeastern Iowa and then headed northwest to an ordination of a colleague's son before getting home 20 minutes before Bible study Sunday night. A full day with spending 4 of the 12 hours he was gone on the road.  Like the old days.....Most of the week we were able to walk outside between showers, and Joel managed a couple of long bike rides.  We went out to eat with friends Wednesday night, otherwise the week was spent washing windows, mowing the lawn, buying a few flowers, and getting into the Spring cleaning.

Joel and I researched getting a Smart TV but decided our TV works well enough, so we ended up purchasing a Roku stick on sale.  I set it up Sunday, and it has given me the opportunity to watch a Bethel conference live in LA, watch Andrew Wommack speak a series on "Spirit, Soul, and Body", and hook up the Roku to the Netflix channel we had with the Wii ($7.99 a month) while adding a few other channels that are free like GOD TV, The Smithsonian Channel, and Daystar.  Nice.

I saw the eye doctor this week and the visual issue I have been struggling with since our second day of traveling to AZ is not coming from my eyes.  It is my brain trying to adjust to the lens implants and bright light I see now and is more than likely "vascular" and will go away.  I confess I have walked in fear at times with this since it affects my vision at night when there is no light on.  I also have felt pretty discouraged at times that my "pristine and perfect eyes" had this shift occur.  The Dr. is not worried and can see nothing going on in my we stand in prayer that this quirky thing, as the Dr. called it, will be healed and all will be well.  I have had to buy a spendy pair of "fit over" 95% UV protected sunglasses to use while outside.  Another season of walking in faith and not fear. Fear paralyzes.  Faith mobilizes.  ( read that on Facebook and love it!)

I don't write much about politics, and you would not know how we vote since that is personal for us.  I will say that this coming election will be interesting.  I find myself wanting to say........."Hang on tight , it is going to be a bumpy ride.

Did you hear about the man killed by bees in Arizona while out hiking?  Over 1,000 bee stings.  It reminded me of when we were visiting my sister and brother-in-law there and the neighbor stopped over to tell us to be aware, as a large swarm of bees had landed in his tree.  The next day they took off for who knows where.  (shudder)

This week my sister's grandson was bit by a squirrel while delivering mail.  He is now in the process of getting rabies shots!  That reminded me of when my then boyfriend, Ron, and I were chased nearly two blocks by a squirrel while walking home from school.  We were 16 at the time......and boy did we run!  I have been cautious around that little rodent ever since, enjoying their antics only from afar.

Last night Joel and I watched the movie, "The Martian".  It was really good.  Intriguing to watch how this one astronaut survived being stranded on Mars.

Joel and I have been watching the new game show, 500 Questions.  First of all, it certainly makes us feel we know n.o.t.h.i.n.g.  Yikes!  It is a good show though, and helps us to stretch our brains and pull out any little bit of information we may have stored there!  Everyone on their has high IQ's and several degrees or is just plain over-the-top smart.  Fun show!

Joel and I are reading together The Prayer of Jabez and I am still reading the books I mentioned last week.  I have listened to many teachings to keep my focus on God, and I have been coloring in my color book for big kids that my daughter and her family gave me.  What are you up to?

Until next time..............

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Sharon said...

Such a newsy post, Renee! I'm just going to leave some comments as I read through it again!

No rain here, and we really need it! It was predicted that we'd have lots of it because of El Nino, but no such luck. Drought season still prevails...

Seventy-six Trombones is still one of my favorite songs!!

Preaching and watching TV - sounds like two pretty interesting pursuits!

I remember when I tried to wear a pair of those graduated lens eyeglasses. I had the worst headaches ever! I was told the same thing by my eye doctor - that we actually *see* with our brains. I will continue to pray that the problem is quickly resolved for you. Little *body quirks* can be so disturbing.

Bumpy ride, indeed. I'm not sure who's going to be steering the car, but I don't trust any of them to drive!!

Bees, squirrels, oh my.

I'll stick with Jeopardy!!

I've heard that "The Martian" movie was good, and some have even told me that they enjoyed the book even more. May have to add that to my reading list. I read "The Prayer of Jabez" years ago. It was quite illuminating. And I also am doing some coloring!!

Today I'm visiting and commenting on blogs. Then I'll probably continue reading "The One Thing" - a book that my youngest son highly recommended to me. It's not a *Christian* book per se, but one that he said can surely be applied to our walk of faith.