Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday's Scribbles

It is a cold Saturday morning here in our corner of the world, where we are waking up to the low 30's and looking for a high of 50 degrees.  Really?  We have had quite a few days with rain and clouds. Everything is green here, many shades of it in fact, but not too many have their flowers out or planted.  We have not bought any flowers yet because it is soooo cold at night.

Speaking of flowers, we like to shop at the local HyVee nursery or a place called Anderson's where they bring in a lot of plants grown by the Amish.  Beautiful, vivid, and full they add so much to our yard. Our trees shade our backyard so much that it is hard for grass to grow.  We may be trimming back more branches so we can get some extra sunshine into the house.  With all the windows we have, our views are beautiful, but after being back in Arizona where sunshine dominated the forecasts, we are missing the bright sunlight!

Our trip to Arizona this year was journaled here this past week.  What do we miss about Arizona now that we are back in the Midwest?  Of course we miss the fellowship with my sister and BIL. (although they are back in South Dakota for the summer)  We miss the vacation set schedule...........and the dry hot climate.  The dry heat felt so gooooood.  Of course it was not 114 every day like in the summer months.  It was in the 80's and A/C was not needed most of the time we were there.

Gr. Jo, Papa Joel, grandson Noah, Grandma Na, son Mark

Last Saturday our grandson Noah was confirmed at Hosanna church in Lakeville, MN.  We enjoyed the day very much, seeing some family and being there when Noah confirmed his faith in Jesus.  This spring we have attended two confirmations, first for our granddaughter Abbi in WI and after our return from AZ, confirmation for our grandson Noah in MN.

Papa Joel, Abbi, Grandma Na

 It has been a busy time, and today we head up to the Twin Cities to attend a birthday party for Gr. Jo.  She turned 83 this year and we will gather at Davonni's for a celebration. We have not gone for a few years to her annual party, so will head up for this one!

This past week I saw the radiology oncologist and all looks well.  He was very happy with how the scars look, that there is no pain, and that the skin has healed.  One area was challenging but when I used coconut oil instead of the moisturizing cream they suggested, it healed quickly.  I still have some swelling but he was not concerned, found nothing suspicious, and I don't have to go back to see him for 6 months.  Yay!

Our city just voted down a family owned pork processing plant that wanted to build here.  Lots of conflict over several aspects of this and how it would change our community, environment, etc. We were surprised that it was voted down by the city council as it would bring a lot of money here.  People had strong opinions about it on both sides of the debate.

We headed out for lunch on Wednesday to a place called "Telluwut" in the town of Osage about half hour from here.  Our neighbors wanted to take us out for lunch after Joel spent a good amount of time fixing her mom's wooden framed bedstead.  Joel enjoyed doing it, and creating a new piece for it, and this precious lady was delighted to have it fixed!  We enjoyed the time of fellowship. This place is always packed and has great food!

Joel is not filling in anywhere right now, so we have been going to Praise Church.  Our Mother's Day was pretty quiet, with a few phone calls, a needed nap, and a short walk.  I went to Bible study Thursday morning, and last night we supped with friends for a long overdue time of food and fellowship.

This week I have been listening to Andrew Wommack's teachings on "God Wants You Well"  and a couple of Kris's at Bethel Church.  He spoke on Gideon this past Sunday and so did Jeff at Praise, so we were doubly blessed.

I am reading the book, "Under the Tuscan Sun" that our oldest and her family gave me for Mother's Day.  I love that movie and am sure I will love the book too.  What are you reading??

Until next time...............

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