Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Just Make A Decision!

On Tuesday Joel and I declared to each other something God and our children have known for quite a times we have a difficult time making major decisions.  Making the "right choice".  When we were in the military the Air Force told us where we would go, when we go, and how long we would stay in one location.  When Joel was serving churches as a pastor, he believed if he interviewed somewhere and they sent him a call, he was to go.  He never refused a call because he felt if it came it was ordained by God.  At this season of our lives it is not so black and white.

So here we are, once again in the throws of making a decision on whether we are to move or to stay.  Cancer, radiation, two cataract surgeries and a long recovery threw our move to Arizona into reverse, and we have been re-visiting that lately.

We are blessed to have our children tell us they do not want us to move so far away. We don't live near any of them, but we do see them more since our healing.  We are blessed to be part of a community where neighbors and friends have expressed they don't want us to move.  We are blessed to be part of a church where we have grown and been nourished in body, soul, and Spirit the past nine months.  It would be hard to walk away from where we feel we belong.

Recently we have had two separate people at different times speak over us words they believe came from God.  Both spoke about a new ministry for us and new gifts that we have been seeing come into fruition.  We also were told by one person that we would be here only a short time before God called us elsewhere.  Two prophetic friends have told us similar things in the past year.

We have been praying and meditating and praying some more as we discuss staying here or moving to Arizona.  Both ideas raised the stress levels in us.

Yesterday while Joel was riding his bike and talking with God, God said to him...."If you are going to go, GO!"  And while Joel was off biking I read a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that spoke to me.  "The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for the new and richer experience."  Later I watched a brief video of Andrew Wommack on Facebook and the title was "Just make a decision!"

So what holds us back?  That is the million dollar question, isn't it.  What is holding us back? Speaking for myself, is it fear of making the wrong decision?  Is it fear of being disobedient to God and His plan?  Is it fear of leaving all that is familiar behind or fear of staying in the comfortable and missing out on the more God has for us?  Do you notice that all the questions I wrote have the word fear in them? Yeah.  There is that ugly little four letter word again.  Fear.  Just being honest here.

Yesterday God brought attention to a video about someone's healing from the symptoms I still battle.  It resonated within me.  I had Joel watch the video.  Then I said to him, "I think we are to stay here until God speaks to us so that we know that we know that we know, where His purpose will unfold.   Joel's reply, "I was just thinking the same thing."  We talked it over and soon realized God was giving us the answer we were asking for.  He has more for us to learn here, He has more for us to do here.  He has more healing for us here.  All we wanted was to be obedient, and truthfully we felt that both decisions would be blessed by God.  Yet this one brought us the most peace.  Not total peace, but the most peace for now.  And peace replaces fear.

Do any of you ever struggle with making major decisions?  Does fear get in the way?  Do the feelings of others get in the way? Does peace come with a decision?

God pretty much said to Joel, "Just make a decision"!  God pretty much said to me through Andrew Wommack, "just make a decision".  After much discussion and pray over the couple of months, hearing God's voice yesterday brought us to a decision.  If it is not from God, we will know soon enough, but for now, in this season, at this time, we are asking God to open the doors to the new ministry that has been spoken over us while living here in our town in northern Iowa.

Will we call the desert home some day?  It is a good possibility with all that has been spoken over us and how we feel when there.  We cannot discount the words of knowledge spoke to us. For now we do believe there are reasons we are still here and we are going to embrace them. Open the doors Lord. Come, Holy, come!

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