Saturday, July 16, 2016

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday morning to all of you from our corner of the world where the corn is growing, the flowers are blooming, the grass is green, and the heat of summer makes us grateful for A/C.  I am thankful that the weather has been great here the past few days~ love the open windows. We are always aware of the weather in our house~ Joel grew up on a farm and then was educated by the Air Force to become a meteorologist.  He forecast weather for Air Force pilots for 4 years, first in Duluth MN and then in The Philippine Islands.  We have weather apps on our phones and The Weather Channel has been known to be on our TV for viewing more than a few times.  Ha....

Porch sitting in Minnesota

Beautiful day lilies 

Last Saturday we headed north into Minnesota to see one of our kids and the family.  We enjoyed some good chats, church, cribbage playing, and the movie, "Inside Out".  We both found the movie sobering due to how often we moved our kids around.  They are great kids, and have done well, but moving is not on their bucket lists as adults.  I went into a major crash on Monday so Joel went off alone to see his family, friends, and the Bishop in Moorhead, MN.  Disappointing to say the least.  We headed home Wednesday.

The past 10 days have been disturbing in our country.  So much violence, anger, hatred, fear.  There are no easy answers but something needs to change.  Then there is the latest terrorist attack in France carried out by one man in a truck, and the coup in Turkey yesterday. Good grief!  I don't even know what to say.  Pray, people, pray!

I was able to head to the farmer's market yesterday afternoon.  Our favorite venders were there and we brought home fresh veggies, strawberries and a special treat~ homemade lemon poppyseed scones.

I have watched a teaching by Bill Johnson, Seth Dahl, and Randy Clark this week.  I am reading Lisa Bevere's book, "Lioness Arising".  So good!  I am still catching episodes of the British series, "Rosemary and Thyme".  What have you been up to?


Gayle said...

Good to finally get the time to stop by for a treasured visit with you! We've had company and it was quite the event with my sister-in-law falling and a 911 call, then a trip to the hospital. Her front teeth were knocked out and she was beyond sore. I've had a bladder infection I just can't seem to kick, so I've been trying to get over that all week. But we've been blessed this summer with our daughter moving close to us and a new little grandson. I will look for the show, I just finished watching The Last Alaskans and that blessed me so much.

Unknown said...

We love you two. When you are in MN consider stopping by and seeing us. We live in Blaine, MN. We would enjoy sharing memories!
The times are tough all around the world. But my God is faithful. We must keep praying...keep praising...and standing on the promises of God.
He has been telling us to "fear not". He has promised to never leave us or forsake us. He took all of our sickness, depression, everything to the cross.
In the world we have tribulation, but, be of good cheer, He has overcome the world!
We are on the winning team!!!!!
The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and even though we fall, we shall not be cast down, for He shall uphold us with His mighty right hand!!
My eyes are fixed on Jesus!!!