Saturday, July 2, 2016

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday morning to you this fine July 4th weekend.  Hope you are celebrating this great country from Maine to Hawaii.  It is beautiful to behold.  We are enjoying the beauty of our small flower garden this year.  The rain has fed all the plants and they are so gorgeous.  Here are the day lilies we have up front along with our hanging geranium-black-eyed Susan ivy.

Last week Joel planted some perennials in our small flower garden and then after laying down heavy plastic he covered it in rock.  Looks so nice.  This week Joel has spent much of the week trimming away dead branches and some tree limbs that are infringing on the neighbors yard too much.  He purchased a small electric chainsaw that has shortened the time needed to cut up all the limbs for bundling.  We have so much shade here that we could never grow any veggies.  The shade is nice for cooling off the house though.  

The weather has been nice this week after last Saturday's blast of heat and humidity that kept us inside for Joel's birthday weekend with family.  Four of the kids were here with several of the grands. Lots of visiting, porch sitting, cribbage, and celebrating went on.  We are blessed to have such great grands to enjoy.

Joel turned 70 last week, although with him it is definitely just a number.  He is so healthy and able to do hours of physical work.  Still, it is a milestone, this age 70 thing.  We also celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary.  Between the two I have found myself asking questions of Joel suc.h as, "What is on your bucket list?  What do you want to do or see in this senior season of your life?" Where do you want to be? To call home?"  Expect this is part of our "transitioning" time.

I was able to visit on the phone this week with my friend Katherine from New Hampshire.  I am definitely old enough to be her mom, she is younger than most of my kids, but she is wise and wonderful and I wish I could stop over to see her and her delightful family.  God brought us together in such a unique way, and He continues to bless our relationship.  He is so good.

It is once again that time of year....a time to celebrate our country and what it means to live in freedom.  Having spent 8 years with Joel in the Air Force, I can remember going to a theater on base.  The national anthem would start and the whole place would stand with all military at attention, saluting, until it finished playing.  I have never forgotten the respect the flag and song was given and the pride we felt.  Two of our children were nationalized on the 4th of July one year when we lived in Minnesota.  Another proud and exciting moment for our family. The flag flies at our home, and with the fireworks so close by, we can watch them from our living room window!  

I have been watching a PBS British mystery series on Netflix called  "Rosemary and Thyme".  It is a "B" type show, but light and enjoyable.  It kept me occupied as I rested more this week for several reasons.  We also watched a couple of teachings from Bethel Church and I am reading a book about the miracles at Azuza Street in CA that occurred during the first decade of 1900.  It is very interesting!  What have you been up to?

Until next time................

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Sharon said...

Love catching up. Today we went and saw our town's Fourth of July parade. It was so much fun - nothing like a small town parade! Our mayor is a Golden Retriever - Mayor Max. I liked seeing him, too!!

Ever grateful for the gift of freedom!!