Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Five Fantastic Years

I prayed last night that Holy Spirit would wake me at 4 a.m. today so I could congratulate my hubby. I woke at 3:59 a.m.!!   Wonderful!  I woke Joel and said....congrats!  Together we gave thanks to God before falling back to sleep.

You see, it was five years ago today at 4 in the morning that Joel sat straight up in bed and said "I am healed"!  He had no wake up time, no stretching or thought process beforehand, he just sat up and knew that he knew that he knew......He. was. healed.

Joel had been on disability for 3 years due to Lyme Disease.  Unbeknownst to anyone, his body had been fighting this disease since 1998, but his immune system had been working hard to battle it behind the scenes.  Then I was diagnosed with Lyme after 23 years of illness.  Our Lyme specialist kept an eye on Joel as she was suspicious he may have it too.  A couple years into my treatments, circumstances weakened his well-working immune system and the Lyme hit him hard.  He was so ill he could not work more than a few hours a week.  He had a long list of symptoms of which unrelenting fatigue was number one.  The rest were pre-Parkinson's neurological symptoms, pain, weakness, brain fog, etc.

I had been going through treatment for 5 years and Joel for 3 when a long distance friend of mine suggested we listen to a preacher/teacher talk about healing.  She had been battling Lyme for years with little progress, just like us.  She had stopped treatments, was praying for healing and seeing major results, so we found Andrew Wommack's  teaching, "God Wants You Well" online and watched.  We came away from the two hours of information pondering all he had to say.

When Joel went to bed that night he spoke as Andrew Wommack had instructed.....Commanding the Lyme, Bartonella and Babesia (co-infections) to die.  He told them they had no place in his body.  He started to doubt whether this would change anything and then decided to "jump over his doubts and just believe".  That simple prayer changed our lives. He woke at 4 a.m. healed.  He also began to speak in tongues which was not a gift that he had not sought after.  He believes it was a confirmation of his healing.

Joel began to test out his healing. First with walking, something that would tire him greatly.  No fatigue.  So he walked longer..........still no fatigue.  He then rode his bike which had been impossible due to balance issues.  He could ride his bike...1 mile....2 miles.....then 5 miles!  He now rides 20-22 miles easily!  His face was absolutely glowing with health when I looked at him the morning after his healing.  His strength returned immediately, there was no denying he was healed.

Joel received a miracle that early morning of January 24, 2012.

1.  Lyme dead and gone
2.  Bartonella and Babesia dead and gone
3.  Arthritis gone....even the bumps on his joints all gone and smooth
4.  Sleep apnea gone
5.  Recurrent corneal erosion gone
6.  Pre-Parkinson's gone
7.  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome gone.
8.  Thyroid Disease gone
9.  Gluten Intolerance gone

Several of these conditions and diseases were gone immediately, others left over the course of a few months. After an extensive exam our doctor confirmed he was healthy!  We like to say he had a microwave healing.  Zapped!  A couple other things left slow cooker style.

Healed~ All because Joel had a revelation on how to pray for healing.  All because we learned that God does want you well.  Jesus died for disease too........(by his stripes you are healed) and we can command that which comes against us.  It was a powerful and life changing revelation for us.  Thank you Jesus!

So we are celebrating today 5 fantastic years of full health for Joel.  He continues to speak to his body when necessary, he continues to preach and teach, and he continues to tell his story to others.  The Bible tells us to share our testimony and in obedience to God he does so.  We have seen healing from Lyme and co-infections and thyroid disease in my body and nearly 100% improvement from chemical sensitivities and chronic fatigue syndrome in my body.  We continue to stand believing for more.  We continue to pray for others and see healing released.  We continue to give thanks for the goodness of our Lord!

Today we choose to celebrate, remember and rejoice!  Thank you Jesus.....for five fantastic years of Joel walking in health.  We are humbled and grateful.

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