Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday's Scribbles: Who You Gonna Call?

About a week ago we started the morning off with a water issue.  Joel showered and when he got out he noticed water on the floor of the bathroom leaking out from around the toilet.  Yikes....gross.  He came upstairs and said, "I think we will need a new seal or a new toilet."  He cleaned it up the mess, started a load of clothes and............yep, you guessed it.  Water came up the drain.

Our first thought was the issue had something to do with the ice storm, but Joel soon came to the conclusion that we needed Rota Rooter to come to the rescue.  And they did.  Very quickly in fact.  The clog was a tree root that was way out from the house.  They fought with the root....and won!  Water problem solved to the tune of................well, lets just say it was not for free, but worth it.

I love how my husband responds to circumstances that arise.........he just hums his way through them, doing what you gotta do.  He knows his limitations and calls in the Calvary when it is out of his expertise.  That would apply across the board with any major electrical stuff, too.  He learned that lesson way back in the late 1970's.

We lived in a very old house and there was an electrical Joel headed to the basement to fix it.  It nearly fixed him!  As he stood holding what he did not realize was  a"hot" wire in his hands he heard a noise, glanced up and saw the current come down the wire.  He quickly let go just at it exploded and left hot metal melting on his glasses.  Yeah.  That close.

There are things we can do for ourselves, and there are things that require the experts!  I would say that applies not only for things in the natural, but in the spiritual.  It would be why Jesus told us he was leaving us a comforter.  Someone to help us, empower us.  He knew we would need an expert to navigate living life as Christians.  He stated that those left behind would be doing even more than He did.  Well, we would need help to accomplish that!  That is how good Holy Spirit is!

We have experienced Holy showing up so often as we have needed that help.  Never left alone, He waits, we seek, He responds.  It is so great to have Him there for us, isn't it?

So whether in water and electrical issues, or in living life, we have the option to rely on the experts to help us out!  We can pick up the phone and dial Rota Rooter and we can pick up the "phone" and dial God for h.e.l.p.

I think of a line in a silly song from a movie...."Who you gonna call??  Ghostbusters!"  Who we gonna call when life throws things our way?  Holy Spirit!  He cleans up messes, empowers us, comforts us, and yeah.....He truly is a ghostbuster if you need that too!  (grin)

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