Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday's Scribbles: The Land Of Giants

I was listening to a pastor tell his story.......He had started a church in Florida.  Over the years it had grown greatly and a 45,000 foot addition was added on.  The church was doing well, the pastor's wife had a wonderful job, and they had built their dream home on five acres of land.  They planned to live the rest of their lives out in this house, at this church.  All was good.  And then.......As the pastor was out walking one morning, he heard God tell him it was time to leave this church.  Needless to say, it stunned him, but he knew he could not ignore this command if it was from God.

So pastor Tom went home and told his wife what had happened.  She was in the bathroom brushing her hair and as he told her what he thought was a word from God, she turned to him, pointed her hair brush at him, and said..."You better be sure this is from God!"  After seeking counsel, he was affirmed in his spirit, and believed that God wanted him to leave this church, this beautiful promised land where all was well.

He left the church, with no call, and walked through a season of waiting until he was offered a position with Global Awakening.  It completely changed his life.  His comment was, "IF God tells you to walk away from what looks like the best thing, it is because He has a greater plan for your future and is leading you into something even better."

Sometimes what God asks of us looks risky and impractical.  Often impossible!  He calls us to places that do not present us with a house of our dreams and /or a big church to serve.  Sometimes He beckons us into a land where there are giants.  Maybe is it a land flowing with milk and honey, but giants show up and distract us from seeing God's plan. Can this really be what you have planned Lord?  It is darn scary here!

Pastor Tom spoke of the story of the spies coming back from the land God promised and how all but two felt it was a good land, BUT there were giants there.  Too scary.  Too risky.  They did not want to go, even though God had told them this was their land.  Only Joshua and Caleb came back and said, yes, giants are there.....BUT it is a good place! And.  God.  Promised.  Let's go!  It was a matter of trust.

Several years ago one family member moved from a place where they had good jobs, a nice home, a great church and so many great friends.  The first year or so was really tough......challenges came up in the new business, and friends were hard to come by.  Could this be God's plan?  His best for His children?  Speed ahead to today and it is a completely different story.  Flourishing.  That is what comes to mind as I think about this family.  Flourishing in all areas of their lives.  

I'm thinking we can all relate in some way to these stories.  The risks we may be called to take come in all shapes and sizes.  Could be a move to a new land.....could be trusting and seeing beyond what something appears to be.  A risk could be as small as saying hi to a stranger at church, or as big as a change in career or location.  That ol' enemy is going to do all he can to keep you from God's plan for your lives so when God speaks and shakes up our world, remember the story of Joshua and Caleb.....and be bold.  Take a step forward. Every risk requires trusting God and His plan.  Even in the lands of giants.


NanaNor's said...

Powerful post Renee, Yes, I once was told our duty is to first obey what He tells us even when we can't see and wait upon Him to work out the details and bless us.

Mom Of Many said...

Great post my friend!! We have all faced The Giants...and sometimes it takes being reminded from a friend (like you!!) just what we need to do! Love you!

Renee said...

Thanks Linny......Love you too.

Renee said...

Thank you Noreen........hope you are doing well.