Friday, January 6, 2017

Nesting and Finding Joy In January

The wind howled, the temperature dropped, and the wind chill made it feel like -26.  Winter was puffing out it's chest and reminding us of what the first days of the new year are known for.  Snow.  Ice.  Cold.

Defending ourselves from the coldest month of the year means winter gear in layers as we venture outside....a sweatshirt or sweater.....wool socks maybe.....winter coat...scarf and hat and gloves or mittens.  Don't forget the boots!  The warmer the better.  Most people hurry in and hurry out, and if you are lucky enough (it is on our bucket list) you have heated seats to keep car travel more comfortable. Otherwise you start to warm up just about the time you get to your next destination.  Yeah....

All those beautiful pictures you see on social media of winter white landscapes, lights reflecting from windows, smoke rising from chimneys.  Beautiful, yes, but brutal at times too!

Today a storm is crossing our country.  Much needed rain in the west, unneeded snow and ice in the southeast.  The weather seems extreme right now.  Or do we just forget from year to year what is ahead as the calendar turns over a new leaf.

We spend a great deal of time indoors when January makes itself known,  and while nesting, we dig out puzzles, games. and stack books to be read on cold winter days and nights while the fireplace warms the room and a quilt keeps the legs toasty.  The TV is on more, and walking takes place on our treadmill.  So grateful for the treadmill this year!  Thank you neighbor June!!

So, it is about this time that we start to long for Arizona.  The neighbor Kent just got back from Colorado and asked Joel if he thinks about going to Arizona......and much to Joel's surprise he said immediately..."Every day."  Every. day.  Hmmmmm

The desire to escape winter for the desert has not left us.  My body reacts strongly to the cold and Joel has a bit of stiffness himself when the cold comes to stay.  Mostly the SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder) is what challenges Joel.  We keep speaking over it to go....but it is stubborn.  And then there is God's vitamin D.  Sunshine.  I need it.  We both do.  So we ponder, plan, praise, and pray for answers as we hunker down here, grateful for a cozy warm home.  I can remember when Joel only wore a vest in the winters and was never cold.  I can remember when he felt exhilarated and challenged by winter.  No longer.

I think back on the pioneers who lived through brutal winters in sod houses.  How did they do it?  Why did they do it?  They were looking for a new life....a way to make a living....a way to live out their dreams or the promises made.  Some were prepared and survived, some lasted only a few years, and unfortunately a few are buried young where the weather or disease overcame them.  Most had skills to survive and thrive in spite of what came their way.  I am always fascinated by the strength and courage of the pioneer women. Did they nest in winter  out of choice or necessity?   I think we know the answer to that.

Nesting in January is not a bad thing.  A time to unwind, rest, and reflect on the year behind us while setting new goals and plans for the year ahead.  In yet another day with waking temperatures at -9 we hunker down.   Could be worse.  Could be a whole lot better!  With a push of a button my living room has a cozy fire going.  With the lift of a finger I am connected to others.  With the opening of a book cover I am transformed into another world. With my voice and heart I am communicating with God. All while January makes us grateful for a warm home.  Stay warm, stay safe, laugh, learn, love.......nesting and finding joy in January.


NanaNor's said...

Happy Friday Renee, Your post sounds much like how I react to the heavy snows and frigid weather. Hubby and I have talked about going to AZ for a week to enjoy the warmth, just not sure it will happen. In the meantime, I'm staying inside where it is warm. Sending blessings, hugs and prayers to you today.
xxxooo Noreen

Renee said...

Arizona is not on our agenda this winter 😞..........hope you get to go!!