Thursday, September 18, 2014

Climbing Ladders and Releasing Fear

Joel told me this morning that he was going to be trimming trees today.  It is one of his favorite things to do.....and one of my least favorite!  It is the vision of him on a tall ladder or the roof that has me concerned.  I think it is the farm-boy-who-climbed-silos that periodically rises to the surface. Add to that the fact that he is now healed from that which held him prisoner and he is more than able. Even though when in his thirties he fell off a roof in winter fracturing a hip and partially dislocating a shoulder, he is not deterred.  Back then he preached from a chair with injuries.  Just who he is.

At the top, the tiny man...
my husband

Trimming tree branches

Sure enough, it was not long before he climbed up the extension ladder and then carefully walked up our steep roof with tree trimmer in hand. Usually I close the living room drapes, pray, and distract myself until he is done.  Not today.  With some anxiety rising, I went outside, watched, prayed, declared the "no weapon will prosper" verse....and took pictures.   Then I gave thanks that he is well enough and strong enough to be on a ladder and a roof, gave thanks that the neurological symptoms all left with the Lyme instantly, gave thanks for the joy and satisfaction I saw on his face.

And then later I gently reminded him it may be time to give up steep roof climbing. I suggested that the bones of some nearly 70 year olds may not be as strong as when they were 30....I was not speaking to him of course....Just saying...maybe.

What stood out for me was Joel's lack of fear.  He was careful, calculated his movements, and then enjoyed the process.  No fear.  I was watching a teaching on fear when this all began.  Seriously.  Cross my heart and all.  The pastor who spoke said, "Fear connects you to the thing you fear."  It gives the "thing" power over your life.  He suggested we find scriptures that relate to the thing we fear. .He suggested praising God to release that fear and put our focus on Jesus. That works for me.   

A voice whispered in my's not that easy.  The fear and the thing that creates it.  But maybe it is.  Maybe it is as easy as turning to the one who loves us perfectly and remembering "Perfect love casts out fear."  God knew the power of fear to control, you can find 365 verses pertaining to fear in the Bible.  One for every day.  Maybe there IS power in the Word.  Maybe His Word is true.  There is really no maybe.  There is just a resounding yes.  We either believe it or not.  The Word.  Releasing fear will change our lives dramatically.  It sets us free!  Maybe I will even find myself joining  Joel and climbing that ladder.  Well, maybe...Just saying.

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