Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday, friends.  We are waking up to temps in the mid forties today!  Thursday The heat index was 96 and yesterday our high was 60!  That's a big dip, and today we ride the roller coaster back up to 76. We managed to walk daily, even when the air was heavy with moisture or rain came in sheets.  Mostly still managing 1.5 miles a day, with 2 mile walks thrown in once in awhile.

Last Sunday after church we headed to an antique fair at the park in our favorite lake town.  We were looking for a dining table, but the one we liked was already sold.  We did find something we have been looking to find for over 20 years~~~a church pew!  It now sits in our entryway.  So beautiful, solid, and ornate.  It really represents a big part of of lives.  Church.

We went back to our favorite lake town on Monday and walked around the city garden.  It is a beautiful place with a lovely building where you can hold weddings or events.  There are bridges, a waterfall, and several walking paths.  Even though it is September several of the plants were still blooming.  They also have a place to sit and read with books that are free to take and return.  How fun!

Pathway and event building
Great ground flowers
I don't know the name of this plant but we love it!
Bench and Books Bird House
Great idea here!
The rest of the week has been a tough one.   Feeling the pain family and friends are going through right now,  and facing a setback of our own, we have been working hard to keep our eyes on Jesus and off of life's storms that are battering so many..  I have been listening over and over to Jenn Johnson's song, "Come To Me" as we pray and ache for others, feel weak and discouraged here at home, and ponder how God's plan will come to pass for each and every situation. 
We have not watched much TV, although we did watch the special on the Dr. who survived the Ebola virus.  Amazing testimony of faith and how God used prayer and science to conquer evil.   My reading has been mostly focused on the book "The Story" which Faith Lutheran is using for their women's Bible Study.  Today we are watching the premiere of the documentary movie, "Holy Spirit" through Bethel Church in Redding CA.  Looking forward to that.
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Michelle Holderman said...

Renee, I always enjoy reading your scribbles and hearing of your and Joel's adventures! What a beautiful town you visited. Enjoyed all the photos. And I love your your beautiful church pew. I know there are so many who are struggling with various hardships and discouragements. I've been feeling that way myself. I'm glad we have the Lord and our family and close friends to lean on. Praying strength and hope for all. Sending love your way. ~ Michelle

NanaNor's said...

Hi Renee, I'd love to hear your thoughts of the video from Bethel. Never got there but know several couples who actually taught Bill Johnson. I loved going to the gathering several weeks ago, want to go again-but starting a ladies study in two weeks so not sure it will work out. I've been dealing with some health issues too and beseeching the Father, Son and Spirit to touch my body. Praying for you both right now.
Hugs, Noreen