Monday, September 8, 2014

What Does Tenacity Have To Do With Pancakes?

I have been told by several people that I have tenacity....another term for mule-headedness according to Lucy!  It has gotten me through my whole of the tools I keep in my toolbox.   I. don't. give. up.  It's not in my DNA and yes, sometimes it gets in the way of God's plans for me...but that is another story.

So, how do pancakes play into my tenacious spirit?  I can't help but giggle as I think about it.  Yesterday I decided to fix pancakes for supper.  We had fresh strawberries and blueberries that would look colorful and taste great on some pancakes, of coursed topped with coconut milk whipping cream.  Delish! 

I decided to use a recipe that The Pioneer Woman had been ranting about. Her recipe called for sour cream, but she suggested Greek yogurt for an alternative, and that sounded better to me.  She used white flour, but I would need to substitute almond and rice flour.  No problem.  I would use maple syrup instead of sugar.  She forgot to mention she uses a Teflon griddle and ours is not.  No problem.  I heated up our cast iron griddle while putting the "quick" recipe together. 

Then came those problems I was saying "no problem" to. 

I am not used to our new stove yet and when I put the coconut oil on the griddle smoke rose to new heights and the fire alarm went off.  Seems I had the heat too high, and it also took me awhile to put together this "simple" recipe.  I ran outside and yelled for Joel to come in right away ~ telling him the alarm was going off.....again.  He is sorta used to it.  (This is the part of me cooking again that he probably would like to eliminate.  The chaos in the kitchen :-)  He came in, climbed on a stool and turned off the alarm while I moved the griddle off the hot burners and did a lot of talking under my breath. 

Eventually when the griddle heat lessened, I started over with more coconut oil and then the batter....which promptly ran all over the griddle.  A problem.  Then I tried to turn it over when the bubbles starting appearing and it stuck.  Another problem.  I added more flour to make them thicker, but it still ran and still stuck.  I am not one to give up.

By now Plan B or C went into action.  I turned off the burners heating the cast iron griddle and took out our only Teflon coated pan....a Wok.  Yep.  I made one pancake at a time with the Wok.  And it worked just fine.  Well, after adding more rice flour to the batter again and again.  So much for the 14 T. of flour the doubled recipe called for! 

So over an hour later, with batter everywhere, a dirty cast iron griddle and Wok, and enough flour in the recipe to bake three cakes, we sat down to delicious moist pancakes with almond butter, strawberries right from the farm....well farmer's market anyway...a few blueberries and a generous dollop or three of whipping cream.  Sigh..... It was nearly picture perfect and mighty tasty!

Sometimes my mule-headed determination is a good thing.  Well, actually, most of the time tenacity is really beneficial.  It has gotten me through some very tough challenges.  Like, ummmm, making pancakes with the Wok.  (giggle)  Anyone else blessed with tenacity?


Sharon said...

After all was said and done, those pancakes do look delicious!

Funny thing about me - I'm stubborn in some things (the things in which it would probably be better if I was flexible and willing to compromise) - and too ready to give up in other things (when I should be more persevering).

Today I wrote about being *two people in one* - and in this area of tenacity, it seems that I am also the same paradox that sometimes dismays me.

May the Lord help me to look like Him.


(More power to you - I am kitchen-challenged, too!)

NanaNor's said...

Hi Renee, I like to think of tenacity as moxie. My girls have it, but not me.
Sorry to hear about the movie-I have loved what I've watched on Bethel. Thank you for prayers for my blood pressure-I just need to exercise more and get some weight off-at least that is what my dr. hopes will improve my health.

Anita Johnson said...

I have tenacity too, but not with cooking. And your pancakes do look delicious!

Renee said...

They were god, Sharon! I am like you, I have tenant city in certain areas more than others.......

Renee said...

Hope your exercise plan is going well for the BP.

Renee said...

Good to hear from you Anita....