Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

Waking to a rainy September Saturday here today with a high of 80 forecast before settling back into the low 70's for the coming week.  The geese are making themselves known, sending out their proclamation that Fall is here and winter is not far behind.  It is a wonderful time of year to live in the Midwest.

Stormy morning porch view

Something about Fall puts Joel and myself into a place of needing to fix, organize, clean and prepare for what is coming.  Maybe that white stuff.  For now we are savoring every crisp and dry fall day with windows open and fresh air pushing out the stale.  Oh, how I love autumn.  The colors, sounds, smells, and weather.

We walked every day but Friday. Our youngest, Sarah, had knee surgery Friday morning, so we spent the day at one of my least favorite places....the hospital.  The surgery went well, and she is recovering, in a locked brace for 6 weeks, and will need 4-6 months to completely heal.  Just thankful all went well and they found less damage than they thought.  I made her homemade chicken soup, so we also enjoyed a bowl Friday night.  Today we are cooking and freezing squash and I hope to peel and freeze some pie apples given to us by a church member.

Speaking of squash, we picked up several at the Farmer's Market along with late strawberries.  Hard to find fresh green beans this late in the season, but we found a few.  We will miss our favorite venders come mid October! The market reminded me a bit of our trip to Washington so many years ago.  We spent time at Pike Place Market and enjoyed it so much.  Besides all the great fruits and fish, we were able to let our children taste some Filipino foods like we ate while living there in the 70's.  I had never tasted such sweet and juicy peaches in my whole life and never since as those we had while staying with Joel's Aunt Ruth in Seattle.  Our fruit in the Midwest does not hold a candle to what we found on the West Coast.  We had such a good time staying with Auntie Ruth.  She was such a character, and loved our "rainbow family" as she called us.

Joel is "busy" with Confirmation, Saturday men's breakfasts, meetings, and other church work.  I am keeping the home fires going, even though I would rather be out and about.  We have a niece's wedding coming up, a visit to a dear high school friend and her husband's lake home, and a  Synod pastor's conference in October, so there are new adventures ahead.

We spent nearly every night this week watching the special on the Roosevelts on PBS. It is very interesting.  It is done so well and is educational too.  We watched a few teachings from Bethel Church and Charis Bible College and managed some porch time.  How was your week?

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Sharon said...

Hoping that Sarah has a fast recovery, and that her physical therapy isn't too painful! I'm sure it meant a lot that you could be with her. Mom's chicken soup, and a heavy dose of TLC - the BEST medicine ever!

My week has been busy! Picking up son and wife at the airport, getting my photo taken with the Stanley Cup (hockey's championship trophy - "our" team won last year!), taking Mom to her hair appointment, a teeth cleaning appointment (ugh), dinner with the family, lunch with my sons - and then all those errands that I do when I come off the mountain! PHEW - I'm pooped!!

Sounds like you've been busy, and will be in October, too!

I guess it keeps us young?!


Betty Draper said...

I so miss the fall in the midwest, Kentucky is one of my favorite states in the fall. Southern California has little fall colors, in fact it's been terrible hot and dry. It takes those cool frost nights with moisture to bring out the brilliant colors of fall. Your post made me homesick.

Renee said...

Sharon, Thanks for sharing your week with me. I like that! How fun for you to see and be with your kids...

Gayle said...

Don't you just love the rain and cozy feelings of fall! Oh week was the most amazing, miraculous one I have had in a long time. You will stop by my blog and read what happened. Next time you come to Seattle, send me a message and I will meet you in person! I am serious!