Monday, September 1, 2014

Come To Me

This last Friday a sweet friend and I had a good conversation about what we are walking through in our faith journeys.  She awaits the birth of her child and is standing firmly focused on Jesus.  I am moving through a symptom challenge and standing firm myself.  As often happens K. shared words from God that resonated for me too.  God is like that.....bringing souls together.....using His words to reach more than one.....speaking in a way that brings our eyes right back where they need to be.  On Him. 

Ann Voskamp shared this video on Facebook yesterday morning.  Joel likes to arrive 45 minutes ahead of church starting, so as I sat waiting for the time to pass beforehand, I listened to Jenn Johnson from Bethel Church sing "Come To Me".    I immediately entered into a place of rest.  Yes, once again the Creator has been speaking to me about rest.  That place right close to the Son that gives us a peace we don't quite understand but long for.  That Something more.

When praying for guidance in the "storm", God talked to me through my friend, speaking to us both, " "It's not about you.  I am enough.  Resist the devil not from a place of striving, but from a place of rest." 

God continued answering my asking early Sunday morning with several words from a TV preacher ~
"Keep you peace.  Enter into a place of rest.  Resist the devil from a place of rest.  No weapon formed against you will prosper."  Two hours later I was flooded with His Presence as Jenn Johnson filled the air with her praises for the Lord of Peace. 

I just love how God meets us where we are at with just what we need to move forward.   He loves us that much.  He desires an intimate relationship with us.  We were created for that.  He beckons us with "Come to me...."   He beckons to His place of rest where He is more than enough. 

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Debbie Huffaker said...

Seems God is speaking to us both about "rest"!! HOPE you've had a restful day, Ms. Renee...and have a great week!