Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday all! It is another warm and sticky day here in Iowa...the corn loves this climate but I we prefer the less than 68- 71 dew point weather. I know, we are spoiled.  We will have one more day of this before heading down into the 70's and dry out.  Plenty of rain this week, which was needed.  Our flowers have enjoyed the nourishment. 

Ivy geranium on old chair on back deck

It has been a slow week for me, due to some kind of virus that came to visit for a couple of days along with that one symptom that just won't stop harassing my body.  It will leave.  Just need to keep my eyes on Jesus the healer, and off of the symptoms.  One dear friend shared that God had told her, "Resist the devil, but not from a place of striving.  Resist from a place of rest."  That place of knowing what we know that we know.  Amen.

We walked less due to Mr. Virus, but managed the usual 1.5 miles the rest of the week and over 2 miles this morning.   Joel went on a biking trip with his colleague group this past Monday, biking 28 miles on a trail up in Minnesota.  He had such a good time!  He has had a full week with work and meetings.

We brought home a desk from WI that was our daughter's.  We like the unique style and are trying to figure out where to put it.  Our coffee table was her friend's mother's!  It is great when furniture continues to serve a purpose isn't it.  Two of our daughters do a lot of refurbishing and it is fun to see how they make things work in their homes. 

I made granola yesterday, different kinds for each of us.  And several days ago I made a great paleo dessert using blueberries for the filling between a crust and crumbly topping.  Was so yummy.  We have actually been cutting back on snacks, etc. for quite awhile, but we do let ourselves have a small treat once in awhile.   I lost 2 lbs right away then another pound later, but no more y.e. t.  Joel has lost around 6-8 lbs.  He will go somewhere and eat more and gain a pound or two, but lose it right away when we get back home to our routine.  It is so not fair.  His secret?  Well, of course he cuts back, but he also tells his body "we are going to lose weight now."  I am not kidding.  His body cooperates so well with him whether it is healing, losing weight, or more.   Where as mine says, "That's what you think!"  Ok, I am done declaring that, but just saying.............

It really has been a pretty low key week with less activity for moi.  Just the normal cooking, baking, watching teachings or TV.  Speaking of that, we watched a documentary on Netflix about Tiny houses.  Like houses that are only a few hundred square feet....or less than 100. It was very  interesting to watch one being built and see several others.   We spent some time talking about the size of our next home.  How small could we go and feel comfortable?  We would like a smaller home and bigger outside space. We would like to have an unobstructed view of the sunset.  Our family comes home as a group usually once a year so we need to ask, ~~What would work for us the other 360 days of the year and do we have any unused space we can do without?  Cozy is a good thing!

Hope you had a good week in your corner of the world.  With so much chaos going on in our country and others, it is a good time to sit back, take a deep breath, and be grateful.  Maybe pick up a good book to read.  I have been reading magazines mostly, along with an inspirational book by Jennifer LeClaire.  I have picked up a fiction book I started weeks ago by Joanne Fluke.   What reading material is on your nightstand?

Until next time..............

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