Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday morning all!  It has been another beautiful week here in Iowa where the corn is now 8 feet tall and the farmer's market has much to share with those who gather.  We ran into a friend at the market this week and she said, "I am here doing my 'gardening'!  Made us laugh...that is how we garden too, since our yard is all large shade trees.  The shade is nice in the hot summer, but not so nice on the pocket book when we go to purchase veggies.  $1.35 for one cucumber? $1.25 for a tomato?

The weather has been really nice over all.  We have managed to spot the triplets on our walks and yesterday a doe and two of the fawns.  They have no fear it seems.  We have also added a few dusk walks which are Joel's favorite.  By 9 at night I am ready for the loveseat, but have managed three nights of walking with flashlights, sticking to the association paths that are smooth.  It is very quiet outside that time of night.  Along the river road there are some beautiful flowers, so thought I would share some of their beauty with you.


Joel fixed the kitchen faucet this week.  When he took it apart to put a new ball, springs cap and washer in he discovered there was no washer there to replace.  No wonder it dripped.  He has been in a fix-it mood lately and the house is happy!  He is busy with work so we have not headed over to the lake in a long time.  Work is going well and he is enjoying it.

We finally finished freezing the blueberries, and have given away some of the yellow Rainer cherries we have here.  A one time purchase for us, as we realized we cannot eat that many before they start to go bad and I am not interested in removing all the pits in them for the freezer.  Too much work!

Company is coming today.  We are celebrating my sister Kay's birthday and her great recovery after surgery 10 days ago.  Yay!  Several sibs and Gr. Jo are going to be here for lunch and the afternoon.  Pizza and strawberry shortcake are on the menu, along with a good amount of reminiscing, too.

Joel and I watched the movie Heaven is For Real.  It was great!  We have taken the book back off the shelf to read again.  There is so much we do not know or understand in the spirit realm, but nothing is impossible for God and with God!  Great book, great movie....

On the other end the spectrum, I watched a movie on Netflix called, "Peace, Love and A Little Understanding" starring Jane Fonda as a hippie/free spirit with an uptight lawyer daughter and how their relationship resolves and evolves.  One or two parts of the movie were really bad with some so not acceptable behavior....the rest of it was pretty good.  I enjoyed the funky Woodstock lifestyle portrayed.  Jane Fonda did a pretty good job.

We purchased a new Don Potter CD which we both really enjoy.  Kind of a funky, jazzy, country worship music?!?!  We are still reading Heidi Baker's book, "Birthing the Miraculous" aloud and I have started her book,
"Expecting Miracles".So what have you been up to?

Until next time...............


Sharon said...

This has been a quieter week, except for the weather. We had several thunderstorms hit our mountaintop. Which was great, for we indeed needed the rain! However, the two fires that started up just over the ridge above our house because of the lightning - well, that wasn't so much fun!

All is well, and we are grateful again for the quick response of firefighters!


(Oh, I am reading a great book: "Shattered Dreams" by Larry Crabb. Loving it, and learning so much...)

Anita Johnson said...

You do more in a week than I have done in a month! I'm slowly just doing simple home things that have been neglected and keeping up on yard work. Our kids were here this weekend, their new little one is due in 2 weeks. I haven't been reading much, just trying to keep up on my Bible study. If Joel has extra time, tell him I could use a handyman faucet is dripping too! HA!