Thursday, August 7, 2014

We Are Not In Kansas.....Or Iowa Anymore!

This was written on Tuesday morning, from the plains of South Dakota.

"It is for freedom Christ set us free,
so stand firm then,
and never again be burdened
by a yoke of slavery."
Gal. 5:1

It is 6:30am, I am sitting out in the van, and the sun is joining me in praising God with a Don Potter CD.  We are not in Kansas...or is it Iowa....anymore!  In the house my cowboy preacher, sister Jan, and BIL Lanny are still sleeping.  In need of some worship time and out of respect to those who can sleep, I am out in the van singing "Our God is holy...He's mighty holy......".  (I am loving Don Potters music!)

I am delighted to be here.  
Only God.

My sister has lived in her condo for 15 years and for the first time I am able to visit her.  We left after church on Sunday, heading north, then west, north again, and west one more time before arriving in north central South Dakota nearly seven hours later.

The woman who spent so many years like the boy in the bubble.  Unable to venture out into the world, viewing life from our living room sofa.  And now?  She has been set free by the healing power of Jesus.

This morning I am overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness for all He has done. 

Only God! 


Anita Johnson said...

Dear Renee, I cannot tell you how I thank God for your recovery and the opportunity to travel and experience the beauty of God's creation. It brings me so much hope on my journey too. Hugs to you and the cowboy preacher! XO

Renee said...

Thanks Anita...hugs back!