Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday Scribbles

Good Saturday to you all from our corner of the world where heat and humidity are keeping us inside.  Honestly, with temperatures in the high eighties and low nineties, monsoon rains this morning,  and dew points in the high seventies it feels like we have been transported back to The Philippine Islands.  There were a lot of things we liked about the P.I. but the humidity was not one of them!  It makes us appreciate more the dryer weather we have had this summer.....and this should only last a few more days before cooler weather returns.  Thank you Lord for A/C!

Speaking of returns, we just returned yesterday from WI where we spent a few days visiting our oldest daughter, SIL, grandkids and grand dog.  We had a good time (I wrote a couple of posts below about it).  We were able to take in a football game with our oldest grandson playing JV center and right tackle.  The last football game we sat in bleachers for was our oldest son's games around 25 years ago!   Our daughter and family live in a beautiful town in Wisconsin.  One night we were able to walk around one of the three lakes within its limits,  while viewing an amazing sunset. We visited other favorite places in town and spent time just catching up.  Lots of laughter, a few tears, some snuggling, and listening to our oldest play piano were all great nourishment for this grandma!  Our  house always seems big and empty when we return from spending time with family!

Football game

Cribbage game
Morning conversation with Tucker,
our grand dog. 
He likes to  have you
hold his paw.

While we were gone, we had our favorite handyman come and fix our fireplace so it will be ready to use this winter, fix the downstairs shower and wall, and put a new light on the garage while adding another to the porch area...New trim on the back deck door finished up the list.  So nice to have it done.  Still hope to put in a new driveway and sidewalk this fall.  Always something to do around the house for upkeep.

While traveling we listen to music, like Don Potter's CD (which our oldest says sounds like Gordon Lightfoot!) and I often read aloud to Joel in between our chats.  We enjoy the view too, which this time included the Mississippi River and bluffs.  On the way home my lack of sleep caught up with me and I could not keep my eyes open.  As we hit the Iowa border I went out like a light for an hour I guess.  I am not back to driving yet, so Joel has the worst of it when we travel.  He does not mind driving and fuels himself with coffee or popcorn to munch on.  And of course my fantastic company.  (giggle) keeps him alert!

Mississippi River
Bluffs by Mississippi
I finished the kindle book I was reading, "Wherever the River Runs" by Kelly Minter.  A powerful book about helping the struggling people who live along the Amazon River in Brazil.  It was so interesting, funny, sad, and challenging.  I did not want it to end.  I high recommend it!   As one reviewer said,  "The best thing I can say about this book is when I finished reading it, I bowed my head and said, "GOD, send me too.  The second best thing I can say is that I then handed my underlined and highlighted copy of the book to our fourteen year old daughter and said, "these are my dreams for you.."

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