Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

We woke up today to a balmy 33 degrees here in our corner of the world. The sun was shining on the frosty rooftops and quickly melted the thin layer of what is coming early.....Autumn.  It is great to have sunshine after several days of grayness clouds, and rain.  It has been chilly enough in the mornings so that we have turned on our fireplace to take the chill off.  It is so nice to be able to use it again. 

Last Saturday night we went out for supper with a couple from the church Joel is serving.  Turns out it was their 55th wedding Anniversary so we felt privileged to celebrate with them.  We had a good time visiting and eating at Ruby Tuesday's (their choice)!  Ruby Tuesday's is my favorite far.  Well actually it is the only place I have eaten since venturing out into the world of restaurant food.

Last Sunday we headed to a nearby state park to walk after church.  The flowers along the road were so pretty!  We also walked the river road and around the paths in our association.   Yesterday we saw the doe with her twins up at the neighbor's house enjoying her bushes.  Mom took up a protective stance when she saw us, but as soon as we passed by they were back to having breakfast.   Still not up to a 2 mile hike on a daily basis, but a 1.5 mile walk is the norm now.  Yippee!

McIntosh State park flowers

Picked this up on one of our walks
Love the colors and eye
catching veins

I have been in this cleaning/organizing mood.  Fall does that to me.  I have gone through all the drawers in our dining room and kitchen and now am tackling our 46 plus years of pictures.  We have photo albums from 1966 on, plus bags and boxes of pictures to sort through.  It is very interesting and a bit sobering for me to see that around 8 years ago the pictures stopped increasing when everyone started taking and storing pictures on their phones  and computers.  And then there is Shutterfly and places like that.  So, what it comes down to is we have hundreds of pictures of our older grandkids and less of the middle ones and almost none of the youngest.  I am putting all pics into photo storage boxes but plan to get more printed off  of grands and others.  When reading, I feel something special about actually holding the book in my hand....and it is the same for me with pictures. 

Joel spent part of last Monday wiring and installing a second light for the garage which makes things look a lot more uniform and brightens the area at night.  Work is keeping him busy with Confirmation starting up and church and conference meetings.  I like the congregation he is serving, but I still miss having him around 24/7. 

I have been re-reading "My Heart, The Holy Spirit's Home" and catching up with magazines and blogs.  We have watched a few Castle and Last Man Standing reruns, and I watched a really old movie about Peter Marshall, who served as chaplain in Washington for so many years.  He was the husband of Catherine Marshall who has written some great books in her "Christy" and "Something More".  She was quite a woman.  What are you reading?  How was your week?

Until next time................


Patricia stotler said...

I love the fish art above your fireplace. Yes my daughter keeps all her photos of my granddaughter on her iphone
So I can see them only on FB...I also prefer to have a photo I can put in an album.

Renee said...

Hi Patricia...glad you stopped by! Thanks?,

Sharon said...

I loved your photos this week, Renee! And I'm with you about all the photos! Before we got our digital camera, we took tons of photos! We did catalog them once, but probably need to do that again! And, we don't even have grandkids yet!!

Still very warm in our mountains - high 80's during the day. But, some nights are getting cooler, so I can feel autumn attempting to make an appearance!!

Have a few new books to read - but not sure if I want to read fiction or non-fiction, so I haven't started yet!!

GOD BLESS, and have a great week!

Renee said...

Hi Sharon
Glad you have enjoyed the photos....I was surprised to hear its so warm in the Mts still. God bless you, too....