Monday, September 22, 2014

No Box: What if?

When we shared with our children and their spouses their dad's miraculous overnight healing from Lyme Disease, eye disease, thyroid disease, arthritis and more, they were stunned and needed time to process it all. And when the Lyme and co-infections in me were declared dead and gone and mom started to heal after 26 years of chronic illness and ten years of being homebound, they were  cautiously optimistic, and rightly so considering how sick we both had been.  Over time they saw the changes in our lives that could not be denied.

What has been challenging for them and most everyone else within the small circle of our world is the gift of a prayer language we both received.  Speaking in tongues, and Holy Spirit encounters that make people question whether we are "just a little to the right of crazy."  It was summed up by one of our children when we asked how they felt about it all.... "Well, you did raise us Lutheran, you know". 

The evolving of our beliefs surrounding both healing and Holy Spirit has resulted in a variety of reactions and responses from most everyone we know and care about.  Not so much the healing, it is Holy Spirit who seems to always stir the waters for everyone.  For us He stirs Living Waters, for others who know us well, this may muddy the waters!

It brings to mind when Bill Johnson took over Bethel Church long ago in Redding CA.  He felt called by God to learn more about Holy Spirit and healing.  And when God began to move in powerful ways in his church, longstanding members began to protest...and leave. Over 1,000 members left the church during that transition time but he held firm to what he knew to be truth and was obedient to God even as membership dwindled and he looked foolish.  One elder in the church told him,  " I know that what is going on here is from God, but I just can't deal with it".  Of course, now Bethel Church has exploded and reaches people around the world.

I confess, there are still the rare times I say to God, "I know this is from you.......but You raised me Lutheran You know".  But in truth, this Holy Spirit business.....the prayer language, the presence of God, the power within that the Bible tells us is the same power that raised Jesus from the dead?  Healing?  That Holy Spirit business is not for only a is for all the people of God.
Last night we watched the new series, "Madam Secretary".  We really enjoyed it.  One quote stands out for me as the President said to the Secretary of State, "I did not hire you so you would stay inside the box.  He_ _, with you there is not even a box to step out of!!"  No box. 

No box.  What if we did not put God, Jesus, or Holy Spirit in a box?  What if we did away with any box that keeps us comfortable and safe and just said, "Yes Lord" ?  No matter how foolish it looks to others.  No matter that it may be just a little to the right of crazy.  No matter that it appears out of the norm.....What if we trusted that what He desires for us is all good and for all?    What if??


NanaNor's said...

Hi Renee, Powerful post! For many years I would have watched you closely but now I am of the same belief as you. Of course, as you know, I am waiting for my liver to be healed. Praising God for His Spirit teaching us feeble folks and for the outreach of Bill Johnson. I still haven't made it there, but oh boy what a ministry. I want all that the Lord has for me and for all of us. I don't want to face my Papa and have wasted His gifts-just don't always know what they are. I want a closer walk with Him. Thank you for sharing and for being there. You are a blessing!
Hugs, Noreen

Anita Johnson said...

So much to think about...praising God for the healing that has taken place in your lives!

Gayle said...

Don't you think God is bigger and broader and higher than any denomination, than any movement, than anything we can ever even imagine? Lately I've been referring to myself as an eclectic Christian. I have taken so much from every stream of Christianity. I want to raise my hands in worship at the traditional church, I want to have a time of quietness and liturgy at the pentecostal, I want to make the sign of the cross when I take communion with the Methodist. Perhaps in heaven it will all be combined to a beautiful mosaic.