Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday evening all!  Welcome to our small corner of the world where snowflakes have once again replaced sunshine for the weekend.  We enjoyed several days of 40 or 50 degrees and now we are back to 28 for a high...sigh...our river has a huge ice dam with enormous chunks of ice trying to move on down to other destinations.  Amazing to watch.

Speaking of watching, for some reason the missing Malaysian airliner has held my attention.  Just how does a plane disappear?  And what is with the stolen passports, the plane switching directions and turning off the communication boxes?  None of it makes any sense.  How tragic for all involved.

Joel had a busy week with the Wednesday men's breakfast Bible study at 7, church services, lunch, and a discussion of the sermon starting at 11am, and another repeat of the first service for 6:30 pm.
Thursday we went to the NE Iowa pastors conference monthly gathering, finishing up at the local Chinese restaurant.  After a late lunch we went shopping for a few things I need. Then yesterday we worked on the next session for the Healing class and shopped again!  Today we shopped one more time! Truth be told I am weary of it.  I am hoping to be done now for awhile. We walked most days at the church between 30-45 minutes. 

This past Monday we woke to frozen pipes.  When Joel checked at 4am and I used the bathroom at 5:30 am we had water, but at 7am every tap in house was dry!  Thankfully, the neighbor closest to us offered for us to run a hose from his house to ours and the water is just like before!  Hopefully our pipes will unfreeze soon!  Our other neighbor has been without water for 7 weeks!!!

Today I decided to polish my shoes with........banana peels!  I read about it in a magazine and thought I would try it on a pair of scuffed worked!  Hopefully I won't attract any monkeys when I wear them tomorrow!

We watched the new show Resurrection to see what it was like.  Kind of a sci-fi series I guess.  Over 20 million people watched the premiere.  Interesting.  TV has been pretty boring, but we did take in a few teachings online.  I am still reading The Jesus Book and catching up on magazines.  Our oldest gave me the HGTV magazine and it has been quite fun to read.  Great ideas!!  What is going on with you?  What are you reading?

Until next time...........

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