Monday, March 10, 2014

The Lord Will Provide And Today That Is With Water!

We woke up today to frozen water pipes.  Four of our neighbors have been without water for up to 6 weeks.  Six weeks of no running water to shower, wash clothes, dishes, or the body.  Six weeks of carrying water to the house to flush toilets.  Six weeks of finding places to shower or even stay when weary of the efforts.

We were one of two around us who still had water.  We prayed, and our water angel kept the earth warm while we ran water 24/7 inside the house.  Then this weekend the temperatures were near 50 and our water temperature when tested was at 45!  So we lessened our vigil and stopped the 24/7 water trickling down the drain along with our money to keep it running.  Just one day...then two. 

Joel woke at 4am today and checked the water temperature.  It was down to 42 but for weeks it had been at 39 so he thought we were good.  At 5:30am I was up when nature called and there was still water to flush the toilet.  But at 7 am every tap in the house was dry.

Before Joel announced the news, I woke up and as is my pattern, I reached for my Daily Light book that shares morning and evening scriptures for each day of the year.  The first scripture for March 10th was "The Lord will provide."  I read through the scriptures for the day and just as I finished Joel came into the room and said, "I have bad news. No water."

Now, I need to add a side note here that every single month for the past 5 months we have had some kind of water crisis.  Seriously.  Every month for 5 months.....but back to this morning....

The first thing I said was, "Oh, no.  What will we do?  No place to shower, do dishes, wash clothes....Where was our water angel?"   After a few minutes of woe, I reached for our scripture book and read the one at the top of the page.  "The Lord will provide."

We knew we needed to be deliberate about how we responded to this.  GOD WILL PROVIDE.  We grabbed hold of this to stand on.  Joel began the day by walking house to house to tell neighbors one more of us had come up dry, just in case others were thinking the warmer weather would keep liquid flowing from the tap.   I put on praise music and went to my daily blog friends to see how God would reach out to us through His faithful believers.

A post from Linny over at A Place Called Simplicity restored calm as I read about how God told her to pray with expectancy, that HE WOULD PROVIDE.  Yes, provision was I began to give thanks to Jehovah Jireh, the Lord who provides, waiting to see how things would play out.

Before the next hour was up the neighbor behind us offered water to flush toilets and their home for showering.  Another neighbor down the block offered their place to shower in.  My BIL called in response to our early morning SOS, and said we could use their home while they are gone.  And then the provision doubled when our next door neighbor, the only one in us six who still had water, called and told Joel to just run a hose from his house to ours for water to come right into our home!!  Joel graciously said, thank you and stated he would pay for the water bill costs that would go up.  And I found myself giving thanks for the first time ever that the neighbor on that side is so close to us  :-)  making this easy to do.


We are so grateful that God has answered our needs before we knew we needed them with His Word,  and that He has provided above and beyond what we could ask or think today just as Linny shared.  He is amazing!

We are giving thanks and praise as we count the blessings today.....with humility and joy.  Counting the gifts along with Ann over at A Holy Experience, praying with expectancy, and rejoicing for the  more that came in the form of precious water!


Jenny said...

Praise the Lord!

Anita Johnson said...

Oh my goodness...I can't imagine this. So thankful you have neighbors to help you...praying for warmth for all of us! XO

Sharon said...

That sounds like a real *disaster* - but then, like always, the Lord does indeed provide!

Wishing you warm weather and warm water-filled pipes!!


Richelle Wright said...

we've had pipes freeze a couple of times this winter. thankfully we've not had them stay frozen.

loved how you could see God's hand even in the inconvenience and the hard.

blessings... and may you continue to see and thank Him for His mighty and many provisions.