Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We Are All His Favorites

The word that God put on my heart to focus on this year is Jesus.  Jesus ~ our Savior, Friend, Healer, Provider. above all names - that Jesus.

I have felt close to Jesus for many years.  He has been by my side through life's ups and downs.  And as regular readers here know, Jesus and I go for walks together in the garden of my heart nearly every day.  Sometimes we sit quietly by a stream or in view of beautiful mountains and meadows, but mostly we walk.  We walk because life is journey and Jesus has much to teach me.  Walking by faith, trusting my Companion,  I treasure these times.  How do I create these garden visits?  I sit back, close my eyes, pray for the blood of Jesus to cover my garden and for Holy Spirit to control my thoughts and the images I see.  I am so blessed during these divine encounters.

Some people think it is just my imagination at work, that I make it all up.  Some may worry about the stability of my mind.  :-)   But in others there is the understanding that Jesus talks to us in a variety of ways~~ in His Word, the words of others, in our hearts, and even in divinely inspired images and visual encounters when we are open to them.  For me, in the garden I experience His presence and am deeply blessed by these personal experiences.

Recently I heard a story about an evangelist who envisioned Heaven.  He found himself in a line at Heaven's gate,  with Jesus standing at the front.  The man watched as a woman walked up to Jesus and Jesus took His nail-scarred hands and cupped her face, saying, "Oh, you are My favorite."  Then the next person in line walked up to Jesus and Jesus put His hands around their face as He said, "You are my favorite."  Then the next person....and the next the same.  Each person was His favorite.  

Joel and I tease each other about this.  One of us will say, "God loves you, but I'm His favorite!(giggle)  It is a reminder that we are powerfully loved by a mighty God of unconditional, unending, love.  We are ALL His favorites.  St. Augustine is known to have said, "God loves each of us as if there is only one of us."   Isn't that wonderful?!

We are deeply loved.  The Bible tells us we are delighted and rejoiced over.  Jesus who saves us.  The only begotten Son given in love for us.  Jesus....the name above all names...Jesus our Savior.  Jesus...the power in His name Jesus. He who loves with a perfect love.  Jesus.  We are all His favorites!

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