Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday to you!  Hope your weekend is turning out to be as nice as ours.  Heading up to 50 degrees today with sunshine and 65 for tomorrow!  Yes!!

Speaking of weather, I was talking to my sister Jan on the phone one day this week when she was driving to the airport in Phoenix.  She was observing the nasty dust storm out her windows that was later pictured in national news.  Nasty looking!  Dust storms, mudslides, snowstorms, and even tornadoes in California.  Just heard NW Minnesota is under a blizzard watch for next Monday and Tuesday with up to 9 inches of snow forecast.  Really?  One word for the weather this year ---extreme.

It has really been a quiet week here in Lake Woebegone.......except for burning the bread I made, breaking one of my favorite angel figurines, the cleaning lady breaking a second angel figurine, and taking a turn fighting the crud Joel dealt with last week.  Ugh.  We did a few short walks earlier this week, and I made it to a craft show at the mall on Friday by shear determination.  The craft show this year was very disappointing though, so we shopped at one store where I found a couple pair of shoes on clearance (60% off) and Joel found a good pair of winter boots in the same clearance area before I ran out of steam!  We did stop at the library and picked up 3 movies to hopefully distract me but that was before I saw there is a NCIS marathon on TV today :).    We had plans to celebrate my birthday this weekend since Joel was feeling crappy on my birthday, but it's not happening due to a lot of resting going on here for now.  Some serious sofa bonding which takes me back to memories I would rather forget, but I keep telling myself this is a virus not a lifestyle.  Come to think of it, we are making celebration a lifestyle now so don't really need special days to embrace 66 years here on earth.

Joel and I are still teaching the Adult Bible study on healing Sunday mornings.  His job as support pastor continues for now.  We are no closer to the whats, wheres, or whens, of retirement and refirement. Just know we do not want to rust out.....rather wear out.  We truly don't know yet what the future holds, but we know Who holds our future!  

We walked to the river and back today and it had me thinking....I can remember when walking 10 minutes was a major achievement and today I walked 10 minutes even though I have a list of unwelcome symptoms speaking loudly.  I am back on the sofa, but giving thanks for fresh air and oh yeah, tonight's pancakes with blueberries. Nothing like a little comfort food...........

Last night we watched one of the movies from the library ~ one called "Dancing Lughnasa" with Meryl takes place in Ireland in 1936.  It was so so so depressing.  Mostly one of those "life sucks and then you die" type of movies.  Ugh.  No recommendation here.

I finally finished the mystery book I was reading and watched my usual online teachings.  I am making this short due to the sofa calling my name once again.  If you want to be encouraged and inspired, stop over to Ann Voskamp's blog, A Holy Experience and read through her  "Only the good stuff: multivitamins for your weekend." 

Until next time............

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