Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

March 1st!  Seems like I just turned the calendar to February!  Another 3 inches of snow and subzero temperatures topped the week.  It is snowing as I write....Ugh.  It has been a never ending winter for everyone.....I heard on the news that this is the coldest winter in 35 years in Minnesota.  I expect it is the same for us here and so many other places, too. With March comes Daylight Savings Time.  I think it arrives earlier every year, but I will not complain with the extra hour of daylight. Yes!! 

Even with the continued cold, we still have water!  Remember last weekend's saga with the sewer backing up?  We could not get a drain man to come until Monday so we just kept praying over that sewer pipe out to the street and by the time the guy came on Monday he found nothing and we were back to washing clothes, etc.  Joel told the guy he thought we had a sewer angel...I call him our water angel, a better title.  Ha!

We walked mostly at the church this week and managed the usual 45 minutes. Joel was busy enough with a few meetings and his colleague group.  We have been teaching a Bible study on the topic of healing and that has been fun.  Next week Lent starts for us with Ash Wednesday.....which falls on our daughter's birthday.  With Lent there is hope for Spring!  

When I think about all the Lenten services over the years, all the Easter morning celebrations, it amazes me how much time has gone by.  We have worshiped in so many places.......Illinois, Montana, Minnesota, Iowa, Utah, New Mexico, and The Philippines.  Certainly, one Easter service stands out for us weather buffs when we lived in The Philippines.  We worshiped outside and sat on bleachers, but even attending the sunrise service, we were sweltering. Every morning by 7am it would be 85 degrees and so humid.  I don't think we ever adjusted to the humidity.  When we lived in New Mexico, Utah, and Montana I really liked the dry heat.  Of course, in Montana the wide open spaces and beauty of the west was breathtaking!

Did you watch the Season 4 finale of Downton Abbey?  It was great!  I have been re-reading another Ann Voskamp book, and we watched a live-streamed conference on the Internet for a few days this week. The TV seems to hold little interest right now....few good choices.

I have noticed my Saturday's Scribbles are getting boring (yawn).  Guess if I am going to keep them going we will need to bring more excitement into our lives so we have something to share.  I think I am in a winter slump.  So from my corner of the frozen endless winter of the north I wish you a good week filled with joy, sunshine, and better weather!

Until next time.............


Anita Johnson said...

You are never boring...I would say peaceful. it gives hope to me that you are walking so much! And we need spring here too...we had more snow last night and more coming tomorrow. But we have robins! such a bright spot!

Sharon said...

I don't think your posts are boring at all. They are real and encouraging - and they have a certain peaceful quality to them. I always leave feeling like I have taken a pleasant walk with you and Joel and Jesus!

Keep it up!